Plantsville School Raises $500 For Planting Pencils Charity

Health and Fitness

February 5, 2016

More than 40 Zumba fans helped Kennedy Middle School and Zing Fit Zumba raise $500 for the educational charity Planting Pencils on Tuesday, February, 2nd in Plantsville. Planting Pencils is the new non-profit organization started by 13-year-old Ishaan Patel of Southington that is dedicated to improving access to education for underserved children around the world.


"We are extremely grateful to everyone who participated and especially to Emily Dickson and Michelle Cozzalino from Kennedy School who helped coordinate the fundraiser," said Patel.  


100% of the proceeds from the event benefited the charity and will be used to purchase classroom tools that students need in order to receive a quality education. 


Planting Pencils is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to raising awareness and collecting school supplies to improve access to education in underserved parts of the world. Formed in 2015 by a socially conscious 13-year-old boy, the goal of the charity is to use the seed of education to grow empowered children. For more information or to donate visit www.PlantingPencils.org.



PHOTO:  From left: Zing Fit Zumba instructors Jen Gilmore, Maura Migliore, Paula Jacobs, Planting Pencils founder Ishaan Patel, Aashiyana Patel, and owner of Zing Fitness Felice Danielson. Back row from left: Dr. Alkesh Patel and Dr. Alpa Patel at Plantsville's Kennedy Middle School fundraiser for Planting Pencils on February 2nd.