Poor Health Is Causing Christians to Lose in Life

Health and Fitness

June 25, 2014

5 Reasons Christians Are Not Living the Life God Has Called for Them

Tulsa, OK -- Many Christians are not living the life God has called for them due to poor health conditions that are affecting every area of their life. Winning as a Christian includes winning spiritually, mentally and physically but many Christians are losing because they do not have control of their physical body.

"Satan is attacking Christians in their physical bodies and stealing their healthy and life," says Christian Motivational Speaker Jonathan Conneely (Coach JC). "Look around the church and you will see that now is the time. It is time for Christians to take a stand and start winning in their health and winning more in life."

In the Bible, 3 John 1:2, it says "Beloved I wish that you may be in health and prosper just as your soul prospers." God wants Christians to be as strong physically as they are spiritually but these five reasons often interfere with Christians living out the life God has chosen for them.

1. Christians Make Excuses

As a society, we have made it easy for people to use excuses that keep them from getting results. Coach JC recommends Christians start eliminating the words "I Can't," "Impossible" and "But" from their vocabulary.

2. Christians Blame and Complain

Many people blame and complain rather than focus on what God has called them to do. Coach JC recommends Christians to take full responsibility for their health and no longer blame their spouse, their children or their schedule for not living in optimal health.

3. Christians Are Lazy

Many people are complacent when it comes to their physical body. Being lazy is an epidemic that is keeping Christians from winning in their body and in their life. Coach JC recommends Christians do something that is uncomfortable to get out of the state of laziness and no longer accept laziness as a state of mind.

4. Christians Are Spiritually Fat

Often Christians go to church 3-5 days per week and get fed spiritually. They know the Word and the power of it but what good is all of this spiritual wisdom if they do not have control of their health to go spread the Good News? Coach JC recommends Christians balance their spiritual life and their discipline in their physical body.

5. Christians Lack the Right Game Plan

Many people have failed over and over when it comes to getting results in their physical body and have given up because they have never been given the right game plan. There are so many fad diets and weight loss products available it can be overwhelming. Coach JC has created an eight-week body transformation program for churches called The Secret to Real Weight Loss Success for Christians that includes a 30-minute workout followed by a small group discussion on mindset and nutrition to help Christians win in their body, mind and spirit.

"Coach JC has developed a scriptural instrument to revolutionize your body, mind and spirit," says Executive Director of Victory Bible College Ron McIntosh. "You will be physically helped, mentally renewed and spiritually established while you reach your desired goals. Coach JC is motivating, dynamic and fun, and so is The Secret To Real Weight Loss For Christians program."

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