Prescott National Forest to Implement Area Closure for Doce Fire area

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June 22, 2013

From: Prescott National Forest

Arizona - In support of the efforts to contain the Doce Fire, the Prescott National Forest is implementing an area closure in and around the fire area. A map of the closed area is posted on the Prescott National Forest website
Because public and firefighter safety is our top priority, limiting access and activity in the area around the fire will reduce traffic congestion for the many vehicles driving in and around the fire. Smoke can limit visibility and less traffic can mean a safer area to work. Access to private land by landowners within the larger area will continue to be available unless the area has been evacuated.
Both the fire and the actions to contain it have had some disrupting impacts on the vegetation and the soils in the areas, making them potentially unstable. Trees burned by the fire could be blown down by strong winds, blocking roads or trails. Loss of vegetation makes the bare soil susceptible to movement with the upcoming monsoon rain events, which could also make roads or trails unsafe to navigate. Rocks and logs that were held in place by vegetation or other vegetative matter may have been loosened and may roll down to roads or trails.
All of these possibilities could create unsafe situations on both roads and trails for forest visitors. The area closure will remain in effect until conditions can be assesses and unsafe conditions corrected.
Also, the Prescott National Forest is in Stage II Fire Restrictions. Please visit the websites listed below for additional information regarding fire restriction information.
Know Before You Go! The public can obtain additional fire information via the following:

- Prescott NF Website 

- Arizona Fire Restrictions

- Arizona Fire Prevention & Information (fire restrictions & red flag alerts)

- Fire Restrictions on Public Lands in Arizona and New Mexico 1-877-864-6985