Proving that Math Matters

Schools and Libraries

April 2, 2014

Using dice, dominoes, place counters, graphs and other tools, Long Beach students and their parents learned new ways to have fun with math while increasing their brainpower at West School's annual Math Matters Night. This hands-on event for kindergarten to third-grade students encourages families to explore mathematics together by creating simple games and handy teaching tools that they can use at home throughout the year to enhance their math skills.


            There were many different workshops to choose from, such as "Double-Digit Roll," "Delivering Dominoes" and "Graph a Glyph," all designed to give children and their parents entertaining and constructive ways to practice adding, multiplying, analytical skills, graphing, patterns and geometry. To make it easy to bring the math fun home, teachers made sure that all the games could be easily duplicated at home with simple objects around the house.