QFest Houston 2014

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July 15, 2014

From: Qfest

QFest marks its 18th anniversary featuring 17 programs hosted at seven venues throughout Houston.

Schedule of Events:

July 16, 2014

6:00pm: Panel Discussion - Identity Works: Queer Filmmaking in Houston

QFest in partnership with OUT & EQUAL are proud to be a part of "DiverseWorks on Wednesday" presenting "IDENTITY WORKS: QUEER FILMMAKING IN HOUSTON, a panel discussion in the topic of being a working queer filmmaker in our fair city. Moderated by Alfred Cervantes, Deputy Director at The Houston Film Commission, the panel will feature local filmmakers Stephanie Saint Sanchez of Chicana Laundry Pictures, Jarrod Gullet and Travis Johns of Proud Pony International, and Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, Artist in Residence in the MFAH's Core Program.

Location: DiverseWorks Art Space, 4102 Fannin St #200/Houston, TX 77004

July 22, 2014

6:00pm: Swamp July Salon

QFest 2014 Sneak Peak and "Bumper Crop" Video Party

Join SWAMP and QFest at the SWAMP July Salon and learn more about QFest 2014! Clips and trailers will be featured, QFest Artistic Director Kristian Salinas will share festival highlights, and QFest Festival Administrator Stephanie Saint Sanchez will present this year's submissions in the QFest Bumper Crop Shout Out, hosted by QFest and LA Indie-Music Darlings HI FASHION! Madness and mayhem to be enjoyed by all!

Location: SWAMP, 1519 West Main/Houston, TX 77006

July 24, 2014

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm: Appropriate Behavior

Directed by Desiree Akhavan
(2014; USA/UK; 86 min; DCP; The Film Collaborative)
Starring Desiree Akhavan, Rebecca Henderson, Scott Adsit, and Anh Duong
Texas Premiere

Freshly dumped by her girlfriend, charming misfit Shirin is suddenly faced with the humiliating prospect of trading her idyllic lesbian haven of Park Slope for a shared artist's loft in Bushwick.

Shown with:
Directed by Tish Stringer
(2013; USA; 2 min; Video; Courtesy the of the Artist)

A celebration of girl power in all its candy colored glory, featuring Annie and the Bang Bang.

Directed by Emily Pelstring
(2013; Canada; 3 min; Video; CFMDC)

US Girls front-woman Meghan Remy pays homage to 1960's girl groups and female solidarity.

Directed by Kanako Wynkoop
(2010; Canada, 8 min; Video; CFMDC)

While visiting family, a couple forced to sleep in separate beds discover their relationship is at a crossroads.

Cost: $10 General Admission/$8 MFAH Members

Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

July 25, 2014

7:00 pm - 8:45 pm: Out in the Night

Directed by Blair Dorosh-Walther
(2014; USA; 75 min; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)
Free Screening! Texas Premiere!

A gripping exploration of the pursuit of justice for four young African-American lesbians forced to defend themselves against a man who violently and sexually threatened them in the gay friendly West Village after they are charged and convicted of crimes ranging from gang assault and attempted murder.

Director Blair Dorosh-Walther and Producer Giovanna Chesler will be in attendance

Location: Houston Museum of African American Culture

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm: Lilting

Dramatic Centerpiece: LILTING
Directed by Hong Khaou
(2014; UK; 85 min; DCP; Strand Releasing)
Starring Ben Whishaw, Pei-Pei Cheng, and Naomi Christie
Texas Premiere

A young British man and his dead lover's Chinese Cambodian mother struggle to overcome their grief and shared distrust of each other by communicating through a translator in an attempt to find common ground by sharing their memories of the deceased young man.

Cost: $10 General Admission/$8 MFAH Members

Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

8:00 pm - 9:30 pm: Club King

Directed by Jon Bush
(2014; USA: 70 min; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)
Free Screening! Texas Premiere!

Legendary NYC/LA party promoter Mario Diaz is profiled in this revealing documentary celebrating his lasting impact on the underground club scene. Also featuring Jackie Beat and Justin Vivian Bond.

Shown with:
Directed by Homer Martinez
(2014; USA; 10 min; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)

Pride as seen through the eyes of Houstonians after The Supreme Court rules DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act) unconstitutional.

Directed by Homer Martinez
(2013; USA: 4 min; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)

Morena Roas bumps and grinds her way through Montrose in search of the phantom titular character.

Location: FBar

9:45 pm - 11:25 pm: Voyage of the Rock Aliens

30th Anniversary Screening: VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS

Directed by James Fargo
(1984; USA; 97 min; 35mm; Rated PG; Courtesy of the Producer)
Starring Pia Zadora, Tom Nolan, Craig Scheffer, Ruth Gordon, and Jermaine Jackson
Free Screening

After capturing a radio signal from earth featuring Pia Zadora jamming with Jermaine Jackson, a pack of rocking space aliens crash land on Earth just in in time to stop both a giant mutant squid from consuming a small town and a chainsaw wielding psychopath just escaped from the psych ward, as well as perform their debut concert during the annual Senior Dance!

Shown with:
Directed by Stephanie Saint Sanchez
(2014; USA; 7 min; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)

What to do when your "crazy hot" date goes cray cray? Pass her along to your friend!

HOSHI NEKO (Little Star)
Directed by Ruby Kato Attwood & Emily Pelstring
(2012; Canada; 5 min; Video; Japanese with English Intertitles; CFMDC)

Featuring the band Yamantaka's song of the same name, little Hoshi, a lost kitty, becomes the target of intergalactic revenge after devouring a vengeful koi fish.

Directed by Emily Pelstring
(2013; Canada; 4 min; Video; CFMDC)

Featuring Jef Barbara and his hit underground single, this music video unfolds as a backstage drama culminating into a dance finale reminiscent of 90′s MTV music videos.

Location: Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park

July 26, 2014

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm: Queer Nation Houston

Panel: QUEER NATION HOUSTON: Fight Back In Anger
Free Program!

A celebration of Queer Nation Houston, this program will feature news clips highlighting QNH's groundbreaking in-your-face activism followed by a lively discussion moderated by Ray Hill, featuring Paul Mullan, Susan Palmer, and David Fowler, all three founding members and activists with Queer Nation Houston.

Location: The Montrose Center

7:00 pm - 9:30 pm: Sweetest Taboos

Special Presentation: SWEETEST TABOOS:
A Collection of Erotic Shorts Co-Curated by QFest and Make Love Not ****
Various Directors
Curated by Sarah Beall and Kristian Salinas
No one under 17 will be admitted

Simple in nature yet complex in practice, the spectrum of human sexuality resides in us all, yet our individuality is defined by the hues each of us projects. In celebration of the comedy, the profundity, and the mystery that is sex, QFest's Kristian Salinas and Sarah Beall, Curator of the groundbreaking website MakeLoveNotPorn.TV, have curated an arousing collection of seminal and contemporary erotic short works reflecting all that is sensuous and voluptuous within both our daily and imagined lives.

At 6:00pm, a reception will kick off the evening, followed by a panel discussion beginning at 7:00pm featuring Ms. Beall, artist/performer/director Dale Cooper, and intersex-bodied trans/queer performance artist Koomah, and moderated by performance artist Dudley Saunders. Featured filmmakers will include Mr. Cooper, Curt MacDowell, and James Broughton. Multiple exhibition formats will be shown, including 16mm prints.

Cost: $10 General Admission/Free to Aurora Members

Location: Aurora Picture Show

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm: Of Girls and Horses

OF GIRLS AND HORSES (Von Mädchen und Pfeden)
Directed by Monika Treut
(2014; Germany; 82 min; DCP; In German with English Subtitles; Wolfe Releasing)
Starring Ceci Chuh, Ellen Grell and Vanida Karun
Texas Premiere

A troubled young woman forced into an internship at a rural horse farm struggles in her new environment, but finds common ground with her openly lesbian teacher, gradually attempting to find romance with an upper class girl possessing equestrian ambitions.

4:30 pm - 6:20 pm: India Blues

International Centerpiece: INDIA BLUES: EIGHT FEELINGS
Directed by George Markakis
(2013; Germany; 96 min; DCP; In German with English Subtitles; Courtesy of the Artist)
Starring Christoph Forny and Yiannis Kolios
North American Premiere! No One Under 17 Admitted

In this challenging and explicit feature debut, the everyday moments, both big and small, between two young men reveal the emotions and feelings that both bring them together and tear them apart.

Shown with:
Directed by Bobby Abate
(1999; USA; 14 min; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm: A Story of Love and Equality

Documentary Centerpiece: ONE: A STORY OF LOVE AND EQUALITY
Directed by Becca Roth
(2014; USA; 102 min; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)
Texas Premiere

In the months leading up to the vote on a gay marriage ban in North Carolina, a lesbian couple embark on a quixotic journey to seek out and understand the personal stories of people on both sides of the debate, in an attempt to relate directly as human beings.

Cost: $10 General Admission/$8 MFAH Members

Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

July 27, 2014

3:00 pm - 4:45 pm: In These Boxes

Directed/Performed by Dudley Saunders
Free Performance! Texas Premiere!

An uncommon mix of live music, narratives and video art exploring the human need to keep the dead from disappearing by holding on to their things, In These Boxes , takes a series of objects left behind by the dead and weaves each of them into a video hallucination of the missing life. Through the combination of video, song and stories he imagines the lives of lost people through the objects they left behind. As he sings their stories at the front of the stage, the world of the vanished comes to life on the screen behind him.

A Q&A with Mr. Saunders will immediately follow the program.

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm: Let the Record Show

Directed by Demetrea and Rebekah Dewald
(2014; USA; 89 mins; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)
Free Screening! Texas Premiere!

Engrossing documentary centering around the New York artist community's response to the rising AIDS epidemic. Featuring Patrick O'Connell, Larry Kramer, and Penny Arcade.

Location: 14 Pews

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm: Orlando

Revival: ORLANDO
Directed by Sally Potter
(1992; UK/Russia/Italy/France/The Netherlands; 94 min; 35mm; Rated PG-13; Sony Pictures Classics)
Starring Tilda Swinton, Billy Zane, Charlotte Valandrey, and Quentin Crisp
35mm Print!

Sally Potter's inspired adaptation of Virginia Wolf's novel features a dazzling Tilda Swinton as the young nobleman turned noblewoman Orlando, ordered by Queen Elizabeth I (a commanding Quentin Crisp!) to never grow old, which he miraculously does, changing sex mid-century and living well into the 20th Century to write about it! Don't miss Jimmy Sommerville in a bit part!

ORLANDO is presented in conjunction with the MFAH's exhibit, Houghton Hall: Portrait of an English Country House.

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm: You and the Night

Experimental Centerpiece: YOU AND THE NIGHT (Les rencontres d'après minuit)
Directed by Yann Gonzalez
(2013; France; 98 min; Video; In French with English Subtitles; Strand Releasing)
Starring Kate Moran, Niels Schneider, Nicolas Maury, Eric Cantona, Alain-Fabien Delon, and Béatrice Dalle
Texas Premiere! No one under 17 Admitted

Perversely reminiscent of Luis Buñuel's Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie and John Hughes' The Breakfast Club, a beautiful but fragile young couple and their transvestite maid prepare for an orgy with their invited guests: The Teen, The Star, The Stud and The ****. Featuring an original score by the French electronic band M83.

Shown with:
Directed by Dale Cooper
(2013; USA; 5 min; Video, Courtesy of the Artist)

A young man with mysterious intentions seeks out an equally mysterious golden deity.

Directed by Michael Robinson
(2013; USA; 10 min; Video; Video Data Bank)

"The cabin is on fire! Krystle can't stop crying, Alexis won't stop drinking, and the fabric of existence hangs in the balance, again and again and again."

Cost: $10 General Admission/$8 MFAH Members

Location: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

8:30 pm - 10:00 pm: Come On, Scumbags!

Directed by Madina Mustafina
(2013; Kazakhstan, 67 min; Video; In Russian with English Subtitles; Courtesy of the Artist)
Free Screening! North American Premiere!

An utterly revealing, completely madcap, wildly refreshing, and totally unforgettable documentary centering on an irrepressible 18 year old trans woman seeking the financial support of both her mother and grandmother for her breast implant surgery. Winner of the "Special Jury Mention" at the 2013 ArtDocFest in Moscow.

Shown with:
Directed by Travis Johns
(2014; USA; 24 min; Video; Proud Pony International)

Featuring the unique voice of "Citizen Provocateur" Ray Hill and his contributions to the gay civil rights movement, both locally and nationally.

Location: Brasil Cafe

July 28, 2014

8:30 pm - 10:00 pm: Eat With Me

Closing Night: EAT WITH ME
Directed by David Au
(2014; USA, 96 min; Video; Courtesy of the Artist)
Starring Sharon Omi, Teddy Chen Culver, Nicole Sullivan, and George Takei
Free Screening! Texas Premiere!

After abruptly leaving her husband, a mother moves in with her estranged gay son. While mom tries to be more accepting and her son more discreet with his love life, the pair are suddenly faced with the foreclosure of the family's Chinese restaurant, forcing both to overcome their differences and reconnect through their love of food.

Shown with:
Directed by Peter Knegt and Stephen Dunn
Starring Peter Knegt and Oliver Skinner
(2014; Canada; 10 min; Video; Courtesy the Artist)

A comedic short about sexual identity and age anxiety, and that awkward moment when you wake up hungover in your apartment to unknowingly discover you are not alone.

Location: Brasil Cafe

Festival Date: July 24 - 28, 2014

Museum of Fine Arts, 1001 Bissonnet, Houston, TX 77005
Houston Museum of African American Culture, 4807 Caroline Street, Houston, TX 77004
Aurora Picture Show, 2442 Bartlett, Houston, TX 77098
Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park, 114 Vintage Park Blvd, Bldg H, Ste J, Houston, TX 77070
DiverseWorks Art Space, 4102 Fannin, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77004
F Bar, 202 Tuam Street, Houston, TX 77006
The Montrose Center, 401 Branard Street, Houston, TX 77006
14 Pews, 800 Aurora Street, Houston, TX 77009
Brasil Cafe, 2604 Dunlavy, Houston, TX 77006

For More Info: http://www.q-fest.org/