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February 3, 2014

From: Queens World Film Festival

QWFF screens innovative and challenging films from around the world and around the corner. Our programs include an annual festival, industry panels, special screening events, year round encore screening events and popular youth-oriented educational initiatives. 2014 categories include: Narrative Shorts and Features, Documentary Shorts and Features, Animated films and LGBTQ films of any length.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

8:00 pm, Museum of the Moving Image


Shift follows the life of a character who is born from a tree and whose face is stolen by a wild dog. After wandering the landscape reflecting its environment, looking for home, our character's vision returns in an unsuspecting turn of events.

My Art is Not Dead

'My Art is Not Dead' follows a poor artist who accidentally discovers the use of blood to paint his works and now he's on the search for the perfect color. A mix of claymation and rear lit animation.


Recursion is a modern-day time-travel adventure that tells the story of Sherwin, possibly the most unlikely best-man there ever was. Awkward and accident prone, he loses the ring moments before the ceremony. But, thankfully, Sherwin knows a powerful secret. A secret that allows him to try everything possible (and impossible) to correct his mistake... again and again and again. The trick? Not to destroy his universe while he's at it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


What is right for one may not be right for all.

1:30pm, Nesva Hotel


A newborn's destiny hangs in the balance, as grownups come to terms with what they cannot have.

Forgive Us

I lost 83 colleagues on September 11th 2001. I was running an investment firm in New York at the time. The events left me stunned. The anti-Muslim hysteria that followed revolted me. Newly a US citizen, I harboured the hope that myamerican homeland would pause, contemplate and show wisdom in its response.The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq swept those illusions away.My background is Judeo-Christian yet Muslim men and women have always been a part of my life. From a young age in Morocco, the Islamic world I knew was warm, family-oriented, peaceful. I took a hard look at myamerican Wall-Street life and saw myself participating in a system that was spreading religious strife and carelessly sowing destruction through the world.I dropped the corporate job, the Ferrari and the South Beach home to spend time trying to understand fundamentalist Christian militancy today: the vast US missionary movement. So, armed with a camera and very few pre-conceptions, I filmed 4 Christian missionaries through Muslim parts of Africa for nearly 6 years. Through the life of my African namesake Anthony Weston, through Bishop Higgins and two quite extraordinary women, Vicki and Jennifer, I witnessed inspiring joy in community and the glory of forgiveness but sadly, only after seeing unspeakable violence and dark abuse of religious authority.This journey has left me pondering what it means to call oneselfamerican, Christian or Muslim, today. I finally also wonder at the treatment of womankind by the world's two main monotheistic religions.

From Across The Pond

Sometimes we bring out the best in each other and sometimes we don't.

3:30pm, Nesva Hotel


Mark's life has taken a turn for the worse and he's doing everything he can to hide his problems from the world around him. His everyday goal is to blend in with society and appear 'normal', while also trying to find himself again and tap into a creativity he once had. Sara is used to serving coffee to people every day, keeping their routine, but Mark, seems out of place. She is intrigued by him and takes a chance by introducing him to an aspect of life around him that he may never have seen before. This could be just what Mark needs to give him his push forward.

The Fold

A teenage girl lies dead on the floor of a swimming pool.Eleven months later, Anglican priest Rebecca Ashton (Catherine McCormack) moves to Cornwall in an attempt to deal with the death of her daughter. She enjoys exploring her new environment and takes over the ministry of a local church, where she finds a Bulgarian girl, Radka (Marina Stoimenova), sleeping rough. Rebecca is compelled to mother the girl and takes over Radka's English classes at local community centre St. Piran's. The two become close and as Radka's dependence on Rebecca grows, Rebecca's motivation to help her becomes more uncertain. Reminded of her deceased daughter, Rebecca offers to become Radka's guardian but neglects to tell her she has another daughter, Eloise (Dakota Blue Richards).Ignoring Radka's jealous and volatile nature, Rebecca welcomes her into the family home where Eloise's appearance sparks a violent outburst. As the three women struggle for their lives, Rebecca is forced to come to her senses and embrace the reality of this dangerous situation.

Lunch Is Served

4:00pm, Secret Theater


An older couple question their mortality and invite their adult children to a dinner, but they come with problems of their own.

Mondo Banana

Deep in the forests of Sumatra, a Finnish sea captain seeks an elusive banana. In a Kolkata kitchen, Bengali chefs prepare scrumptious banana stalk curries. As the sun blazes in Kuala Lumpur, a Chinese exorcist calls forth an evil banana spirit... Embarking on an international journey through the vibrant world of human-banana relationships, Mondo Banana explores the personal, cultural, and environmental importance of one of the world's favorite fruits. A delicious blend of video art and ethnographic film, Mondo Banana turns educational filmmaking upside down with a wild medley of shadow puppetry, culinary demonstrations, exorcisms, scientific research, performance art, anthropology, underground film, and dragon-dancing that peels away the secrets of human-banana relations and celebrates the age-old connection between people and plants.


We're not complaining, we're just saying.

5:30pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights

7 Day Gig

Last week, Jay's dad passed away. At a loss about the loss, Jay, a Guamanian-Romanian-Catholic-Jew, decides to honor his dad's life by sitting shiva, the seven-day Jewish mourning tradition. The only problem is, he lives in sunny Los Angeles where he just can't seem to make any friends. After failing to befriend his neighbors, he puts an ad on Craigslist looking for people to attend his shiva. His ad is answered by a chicken who wants to be an actor, a 12 year-old punk who wants to be a Rabbi, and an old man who looks like he might not live through the week. This is a film about coping with the absurdity of death in a tradition you don't fully understand. 7 Day Gig: a comedy about loss

Cowjews And Indians How Hitler Scared My Relatives and I Woke Up in an Iroquois Longhouse with a Picture of Jesus, Reminding Me for the Wrong Reason That I Owe the Mohawks Rent

My parents are Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. They lost their home and property there before fleeing to the United States. They received reparations in 1951. I decide to reject the reparations model, return the reparations to the occupiers of our home in Germany, and get our home back. I travel to Germany. In Germany, I suddenly realize I'm a hypocrite: here Iam, complaining about the property taken from my ancestors, when inamerica I'm living on, and profiting from, the land taken from the Nativeamericans. And then I have an idea: If Germany owes me for sixty five years of back rent, and I owe the Nativeamericans for sixty five years of rent, why not let the Nativeamericans collect directly from Germany and cut out the middleman? Four Nativeamericans go to Germany to execute the 'assigned claim. '

The Little House That Could

The story of a close-knit unconventional family in New York City--the House of Field--who have singlehandedly changed music and fashion for the world several times over.

6:00pm, Nesva Hotel

The Little House That Could

Emmy Award-winning stylist, Patricia Field, has done a lot more than Sex and the City. She has spent several decades saving lives and giving hope to lost outsiders who society frowned upon--transsexuals, club kids, drag queens, gay teenagers, butch-dykes, people who needed to escape from their hometowns because they were never understood. This is the story of a close-knit unconventional family in New York City--the House of Field--who have singlehandedly changed music and fashion for the world several times over. Their story is one of courage, hope and dreams. In making this movie, Toronto filmmaker Mars Roberge becomes part of that family, returning to his homeland over a decade later with an uplifting story to tell of the little house that could. Made solely with the help of his friend, Bob Lesser *the one-man crew* and a couple friends here and there from 2006-2012.


The dangers of the road less traveled are confronted.

6:00pm, Secret Theater

Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast is a movie about a man disturbed by the circumstances he put himself into. Alfred Rowland is a poet, unemployed, married to a young woman that struggles to sustain both of them in a very difficult time. Confined to his room, Alfred wakes up one day extremely tormented. While his wife prepares breakfast and urges him to change their life situation, he tries to maintain his sanity by fighting his self-judgments and destructive impulses.


As her grasp on reality begins to loosen, the very sheltered Sheena decides to become homeless on a whim.

The Wild Bunch

Loners, outsiders, revolutionaries and anti-bureaucrats.

8:00pm, Nesva Hotel

Seed Story

As a lone dandelion blossoms in an abandoned parking lot, it divides the lives of several miniature people in this experimental narrative short film shot that examines the role of religion, capitalism, environmentalism, and fascism in macro perspective.


Olli (15) is a lonely skunk who makes trouble whenever he can. He spends his days by riding his motorcycle and hanging around in the park. He lives with his grandmother because his mum was diagnosed with cancer and therefore has to stay in the hospital. Insecure about her future she suggests to throw a party in the hospital for Olli's upcoming birthday. But since Olli has no friends to invite, he first tries to find excuses to cancel this party. However, he doesn't want to let his mother down so he starts a search for people which he can invite to his sixteenth birthday party.

Fe De Vida

A woman goes to the Civil Registry Office to request her birth certificate of existence.

L'ombra Interior

In a park in the light of day, Gerard hides behind a pillar with his camera primed. Focused, he locks onto the face of a tourist he doesn't know, who reminds him of a girl from his dreams. Hours later he awakens in his studio, surrounded by sculptures, newspaper clippings and photographs of other girls who also share a certain something he cannot put into words. With the eyes of one, the nose of another and the mouth of a third, he creates a photo collage of the girl he dreams of. To materialize his obsession, his hands work tirelessly to sculpt a clay bust of this girl, opening a door to a creation that will swallow him entirely.

Solo Soy Solomon

Outskirts of the city... In the depths of a factory an alienated loner nurtures himself with the lives that he finds in stolen laptops. In his own obsession Solomon is looking for a miracle: connect with someone, run away from himself, and love.

Games Of Trust

You're either in or you're dead...

8:00pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights

Checkmate, Keep Your Enemies Closer

An Interpol agent under cover, has been on the trail of a drug cartel. He finally catches up to them in NYC and successfully arranges a meeting. At the meeting, things quickly turn for the worse and fill the atmosphere with high tension, danger and an unexpected twist.

Empire Gypsy

In a Bronx dispatch the aspirations and misdeeds of cab drivers, call-girls and low level thugs collide in one wild night.

LGBT - Let's Get By Together

A friendly cartoon blob doesn't know if it's a boy, a girl, both or neither; an intersection of harsh realities on the way to an HIV test; tattoos that dance. A collection of short stories that demand to be heard.

8:00pm, Secret Theater

Ink Deep

Through-out the first five months of his hormone reassignment therapy, Rémy Leroux, a transsexual, takes us through his body to his mind, his gender and his identity in this intimate and eloquent animated short.


A man's journey to the south coast of England becomes complicated when a tourist's dangerous promise changes both of their lives.


Challenging the rules of gender through cuteness and color.

Bumming Cigarettes

Bumming Cigarettes is a short film about a brief and intimate meeting between a young Black lesbian woman who is in the process of taking an HIV test and a middle aged Black Gay HIV Positive man. Coming off of the devastation of a bad breakup with a girlfriend, Vee musters up the courage to go and take an HIV test to put her worst fears to rest. What she experiences during her trip to a local clinic is much more than she expects while sharing a cigarette with a stranger, Jimmy, during the 10 minutes that she awaits her test results

You Will Love Me

After visiting a supposedly haunted forest, a teen girl comes to believe that a poltergeist has followed her home and is stalking her.

10:00pm, Nesva Hotel

You Will Love Me

After visiting a supposedly haunted forest, a teen girl comes to believe that a poltergeist has followed her home and is stalking her; it becomes increasingly violent when she rejects it, so she must unravel a decades-old mystery to figure out a way to stop it before it harms more of her loved ones.

Dinner, A Movie And A Side Of Reconciliation

Join us at Armondo's Italian restaurant for a wonderful dinner, followed by a French film celebrating a family coming together with the help of an outsider.

10:00pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights


When a preoccupied mother whisks out the door leaving her two daughters home alone, one daughter goes to unusual measures to get her family's attention.

Tu Seras Un Homme (You'll Be A Man)

Leo is 10 and wise beyond his years. A solitary dreamer who seeks refuge in books. When the carefree 20-year-old Theo steps into his life, it forces Leo out of his shell.Despite their age difference, the two becomes best friends, helping each other face up to their responsibilities.But not everyone approves, and Leo's father tries to break up the friendship. Theo reacts by whisking Leo away to the seaside where he nearly loses control of situations.

Video Vibe

Two gifts from the dark lord.

10:00pm, Secret Theater

Woo Woo

Woo Woo tells the story of a young girl named Louise and an injured veteran in the summer of 1961. After WWI, Woo Woo can only mutter the words, 'woo woo,' and the neighborhood children play games that mock his condition. Louise asks her older sister Eileen about Woo Woo's past. After Eileen fabricates a story about what happened to Woo Woo, Louise finds herself terrified of the injured veteran. However, when Louise confronts her fears she discovers they are not so different after all.

Video Diary Of A Lost Girl

A rock and roll horror fantasy where we meet the immortal Louise and her beloved Charlie. Unfortunately due to Louise's supernatural origins, every man she sleeps with must die so that she can survive! A heart felt love letter to 80's horror, punk, VHS and german expressionism.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hope, skip and a jump.

2:00pm, Secret Theater

Changing Minds At Concord High School

This is a real story of change, remarkable change in a population often thought to be unchangeable, change brought about by a meditation program for at-risk high school students. Concord High is a transfer school in Staten Island, NY. A last hope, last chance to graduate high school; most of its students have histories of academic failure and trauma. The film follows the entire school as they participate in a semester-long mindfulness-training program. The additional twist here is that the students both helped to film the experience and conducted a scientific study - of their classmates! - comparing the effects of mindfulness training with that of a placebo group. It also included a science curriculum on the neuroscience of mindfulness - how it can change our brains for the better. Tracy Dennis, Ph.D., psychology professor at Hunter College was the lead scientist on this project, so the kids were her research assistants. Inspired by the concept of 'neuroplasticity,' they posed the question: Would mindfulness practice for just three minutes a day provide Concord's students with an effective strategy to regulate attention and emotions?At the start, the students, many of whom had experienced tremendous challenges, and obstacles in life, were failing high school. They didn't believe as a group that change for them was really possible. Our film ends on the day of their graduation. Said one reformed skeptic: 'Even though you can't control most of what happens in life, you CAN change your mind.'

The Bed

The Bed is the third film based on a series of short essays written nearly ten years ago. As Bassman moves from one film to the next one, he consistently pushes the envelope. Working in the field of film/video, he experiments, like an artist and scientist- pursuing high standards and the most profound way of communicating his thoughts in image , audio and narrative. Because of his life as a full time artist, his approach to film making is informed by his artwork, which is often a collage of images and storytelling from the worlds of both fiction and nonfiction. He is, no doubt, excited and totally absorbed , by discovering a medium, in which his skills as a painter, writer, film and music lover, can , indeed, coalesce into a single voice and vision.

Hope On The Horizon

The 48 highest peaks in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, also known as the '4000 footers' cover over 250 miles of various terrain and over 70,000 feet of elevation. Four hikers, including the filmmaker, set out to summit all 48 in a single trip on foot, two completed the journey and reached the 48th summit in 24 days to raise awareness and funding for ALS patients and their families. HARK's Hope on the Horizon Documentary is the first step in 'Changing the way the world views ALS' and ensuring that the world knows what the disease is and how devastating it is to families that are affected by it. As we navigated our way through ALS we realized the severe lack of awareness that existed about this disease outside of the ALS community.Hope on the Horizon is not just about ALS, it's about facing life's challenges with courage and overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds every day. The documentary will bring viewers a firsthand view of two sets of challenges simultaneously. The challenges of negotiating the fragile beauty and rugged terrain of the White Mountains serves and the true challenges and hardships faced by ALS victims and their loved ones in dealing with this devastating disease.

Troubled Waters

Religious freedom, inter-tribal peace, H2O.

12:00pm, Secret Theater

My Kashmir

A documentary about being young in Kashmir, one of the most contentious and militarized regions in the world. For two college students Javaid and Iqbal, a childhood rife with curfews, crossfires and crackdowns has given way to a generation questioning their lack of freedom, while carving a peaceful path to their future.

The Well: Voci D'acqua Dall'etiopia

Each year, when the dry season reaches its peak in Southern Ethiopia, the Borana herders gather with their livestock around their ancient wells.Huge hand-excavated craters, known as 'singing wells', allow them to survive during the long annual droughts, when thousands of people and animals move closer in search for survival.Every day the young shepherds form human chains, allowing them to reach the depths of the well and bring up the water. Their hard work is accompanied by a song which seems to draw the great herds as they slowly come near, after days of walking across a dry and dusty land.The documentary follows the daily life, which revolves around the ancient Erder wells, throughout the drought until the long-awaited rain comes.Through interaction with several characters from this place, the film introduces us to a unique water management system that allows the Borana shepherds to manage the small quantity of available water as the property and right of everyone.Nobody can be denied to access water, neither the herders of an enemy tribe in need.While we can see all around the world actions towards a privatized control over water resources and the access to drinkable water is still not considered a fundamental human right, the Borana deserve a special attention for the extraordinary way in which they guarantee general and indiscriminate access to water in one of the driest inhabited regions on earth.

In Search Of

The Irish Zen of storytelling.

1:30pm, Nesva Hotel

Beneath The Trees

Storytelling in Ireland stems from an ancient oral tradition of transmitting laws and taboos, hero epics, wisdom tales and cultural myths from generation to generation. The storyteller's gift transports the audience to different worlds by the sole power of the spoken word. Nevertheless, as a form of entertainment, education and moral instruction, the folk art of storytelling is struggling to hold its own. This documentary tries to discover the very essence of this ancient art.

Koan De Printemps

Master Truong, the old Fearless of the emperor, is nearing the end of his life and he has not yet found his successor. The country has to be prepared for war and the Emperor is furiously impatient. He gives him two weeks to find it. Master Truong goes to visit a famous General (Master Wing) who had disappeared to become a simple fisherman. He lives with his two son (Tin and Tan) and her daughter (Lan, with a disfigured face) on the shores of the Lake Ba Bê. Master Truong knows very well the legend of the lake but this time he will really understand its meaning. Master Truong tells to master Wing he wants to test his two sons. People talked him a lot about their quality. Disappointed by their results, he tests also Lan. She has not a priori a high level of practice but Master Truong will choose her. He has finally found the person who has all the qualities to succeed him. Unhappy, one more time, things are not so simple. MasterTruong will return to the palace without a successor but with something more precious.

The Second Meeting

A feature documentary that traces the emotional journey of two different people, culturally, socially and geographically apart, who are brought together by a random act of war.

2:00pm, Secret Theater

In March 1999 during the Balkan conflict, Dale Zelko, US pilot of the 'invisible' F117A aircraft, was shot down by Zoltan Dani, missile officer in the Serbian army. That was their first encounter Twelve years later, they are reunited as friends. The Second Meeting is the feature documentary directed by Zeljko Mirkovic that traces the emotional journey of two different people, culturally, socially and geographically apart, who are brought together by a random act of war. It's a poignant, uplifting story of how the bonds of friendship can be forged on the battlefield.

On The Line

Revelations and plot twists happening on the phone.

3:00pm, Nesva Hotel

Animation Hotline, 2013

Animation Hotline is a series of micro animations that receives it's content from voice messages left on the artist's voice mail


A married mother of two, unexpectedly pregnant with her third child, answers the phone to hear a voice from her distant past. Against the backdrop of various subjects - his narrow escape from a sinking fishing vessel, her deep loneliness as a parent, their shared and complicated history - the 80-minute conversation reveals the deeper stories of their selves, at the same time it explores universal questions: What does it mean to be a good person and to live your life well? How do you keep your disappointment inand envy foranother persons life choices from standing in the way of your love for her or him? Is it possible to forgive betrayals of the past as you commit one in the present?

Breakin L.A.

A group of bicycle aficionados from Hamburg, Sankt Pauli traveled to Los Angeles, to cross the city for 12 days into all cardinal directions.

4:00pm, Secret Theater

Breakin L.A.

A group of bicycle aficionados from Hamburg, Sankt Pauli traveled to Los Angeles, to cross the city for 12 days into all cardinal directions. They cruised through the barrios of East L.A., to the beaches of Venice, climbed the Hollywood Hills and discovered a forgotten velodrome in Encino. They worked as volunteers at the Midnight Mission on Skid Row, where 15,000 people live homeless and as a contrast they face the madness of lethal weapons at the L.A. Gun range in downtown. The movie is not just showing Los Angeles from an unknown perspective, it also puts up the question how one can cross this ecological and cultural desert. But the group is not alone, because L.A. shaped a remarkable and complex bike community, who daily faces the pressures of modern evolution and overcome the distances and the traffic. Along the boulevards that are lined by palms trees either in the rich residential areas or in the ganglands of the poor, their bikes became a tool to discover, to challenge and to encounter.

World Premier Director's Cut Of The 2014 Academy Award Nominee Act Of Killing

Joshua Oppenheimer's stunning documentary that challenged mass murderers to live out their dreams of Hollywood stardom by recreating their memories of their killings on camera and becoming the stars of their own movie.

7:30pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights

The Act Of Killing

Anwar Congo and his friends have been dancing their way through musical numbers, twisting arms in film noir gangster scenes, and galloping across prairies as yodelling cowboys. Their foray into filmmaking is being celebrated in the media and debated on television, even though Anwar Congo and his friends are mass murderers. Medan, Indonesia. When the government of Indonesia was overthrown by the military in 1965, Anwar and his friends were promoted from small-time gangsters who sold movie theatre tickets on the black market to death squad leaders. They helped the army kill more than one million alleged communists, ethnic Chinese, and intellectuals in less than a year. As the executioner for the most notorious death squad in his city, Anwar himself killed hundreds of people with his own hands. Today, Anwar is revered as a founding father of a right-wing paramilitary organization that grew out of the death squads. The organization is so powerful that its leaders include government ministers, and they are happy to boast about everything from corruption and election rigging to acts of genocide. The Act of Killing is about killers who have won, and the sort of society they have built. Unlike ageing Nazis or Rwandan génocidaires, Anwar and his friends have not been forced by history to admit they participated in crimes against humanity. Instead, they have written their own triumphant history, becoming role models for millions of young paramilitaries. The Act of Killing is a journey into the memories and imaginations of the perpetrators, offering insight into the minds of mass killers. And The Act of Killing is a nightmarish vision of a frighteningly banal culture of impunity in which killers can joke about crimes against humanity on television chat shows, and celebrate moral disaster with the ease and grace of a soft shoe dance number. A Love of Cinema. In their youth, Anwar and his friends spent their lives at the movies, for they were "movie theatre gangsters": they controlled a black market in tickets, while using the cinema as a base of operations for more serious crimes. In 1965, the army recruited them to form death squads because they had a proven capacity for violence, and they hated the communists for boycotting American films the most popular (and profitable) in the cinemas. Anwar and his friends were devoted fans of James Dean, John Wayne, and Victor Mature. They explicitly fashioned themselves and their methods of murder after their Hollywood idols. And coming out of the midnight show, they felt "just like gangsters who stepped off the screen". In this heady mood, they strolled across the boulevard to their office and killed their nightly quota of prisoners. Borrowing his technique from a mafia movie, Anwar preferred to strangle his victims with wire. In The Act of Killing, Anwar and his friends agree to tell us the story of the killings. But their idea of being in a movie is not to provide testimony for a documentary: they want to star in the kind of films they most love from their days scalping tickets at the cinemas. We seize this opportunity to expose how a regime that was founded on crimes against humanity, yet has never been held accountable, would project itself into history. And so we challenge Anwar and his friends to develop fiction scenes about their experience of the killings, adapted to their favorite film genres - gangster, western, musical. They write the scripts. They play themselves. And they play their victims. Their fiction filmmaking process provides the film's dramatic arc, and their film sets become safe spaces to challenge them about what they did. Some of Anwar's friends realize that the killings were wrong. Others worry about the consequence of the story on their public image. Younger members of the paramilitary movement argue that they should boast about the horror of the massacres, because their terrifying and threatening force is the basis of their power today. As opinions diverge, the atmosphere on set grows tense. The edifice of genocide as a "patriotic struggle", with Anwar and his friends as its heroes, begins to sway and crack. Most dramatically, the filmmaking process catalyzes an unexpected emotional journey for Anwar, from arrogance to regret as he confronts, for the first time in his life, the full implications of what he's done. As Anwar's fragile conscience is threatened by the pressure to remain a hero, The Act of Killing presents a gripping conflict between moral imagination and moral catastrophe.

Family Struggle

Two families and the decisions they make to overcome adversity.

8:30pm, Secret Theater

Shared Origins

Two transracially adopted girls, born in Ethiopia and raised in North Carolina by lesbian parents, travel to their birth country for the first time. The film is an intimate portrait of a modern queer family navigating the geographical, cultural, and emotional space of home and the connection to one's heritage.

The Abominable Crime

The Abominable Crime, at heart, is a story about a mother's love for her child and an activist's troubled love for his country. It also gives voice to gay Jamaicans who, in the face of endemic anti-gay violence, are forced to flee their homeland.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Born in the wrong body.

2:00pm, Nesva Hotel

Ja, Kada Sam Bila Klinac, Bila Sam Klinka

Goca is a transvestite in Belgrade, the capital city of a country where organizing or participating in a gay pride parade is forbidden. She is raising a daughter who is actually her niece. Although her very young boyfriend doesnt respect her, Goca still loves him and manages to retain her sunny, open-minded nature. She risks her life to earn money for the family. On her thirty-ninth birthday she decides to celebrate her coming-out on stage in front of a live audience. And so she tells them the story of her life: "When I was a boy, I was a girl." The text in this cabaret was written by Goca herself, and playwright Olga Dimitrijevi?. Few months after film was made Goca started to work as an activist for transsexual issue in Serbia and has founded Association Hestija.

A Self Made Man   

A Self-Made Man is a feature length documentary that takes a candid look at what it means to be transgender, told through an intimate portrait of trans youth advocate Tony Ferraiolo.

It's About The Music

Rock and Roll is here to stay.

2:00pm, Secret Theater


A music video for Soapbox Army's new hit single, 'Headlight,' puts the band on stage during the deathly voyage of the Titanic. Follow them as they perform, hit an iceberg, and go down with the ship on this magical music journey. Created in stop-motion animation from over 3000 moving pieces, and a year in the making, the film promises to stay charming in it's child-like adaptation of the fatal event.

3 Mile Limit

It's 1965 and for 25 year-old Richard Davis, life is all about music and his beautiful artist wife Judy. Richard spends his days writing music reviews for the city newspaper and his nights managing a band called 'The Yellow Sprockets'. But his big dream is to bring rock n' roll to the public, and break the Governments monopoly on State Controlled Broadcasting. But first he needs a broadcasting licence which he is refused. That's because the Government line is the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Who are a threat to the very fabric of society, and banned from New Zealand airwaves.Freedom to choose and freedom of speech push Richard to come up with a radical and cunning plan to anchor a boat in a triangle of international water. Richard enlists the help of other like minded individuals and buys the TIRI, a hulking rust-bucket coastal trading boat. This hasn't gone un-noticed by the Government, Richard is faced with a formidable opponent: Cabinet Minister Jim Willis, an old-school politician in charge of shipping, broadcasting and radio communications, a potent combination that gives him almost unfettered executive power.Based on a incredible true story this David and Goliath epic struggle escalates into a titanic war between the Government and a younger generation fighting a cause which defined a country.As time and money runs out, Richard's marriage starts to fall apart. Suddenly he has a choice of fighting for freedom of speech or holding onto the woman he loves.

12 Steps From Hell

Hardly a walk in the park.

4:00pm, Nesva Hotel

Through The Woods

An engagingly unique independent short film with a supernatural twist about a widowed mother's desperate fight to reconnect with her daughter.

The Adventures Of  Dr Crackhead

Filmmaker Jennifer Di Cresce joins controversial author and research scientist Dr. Peter Ferentzy on a cross-country lecture tour advocating for greater compassion toward drug addicts. At first Dr. Ferentzy seems suited to bridge the gap between treatment facilities and it's insular addict population. But Ferentzy's tour soon turns into an unsettling journey through his old wounds and questionable life choices. Is he the wrong guy for the right message? The Adventures of Dr Crackhead is a raw, moving, brutally honest, account of a highly articulate man's attempt to straddle two worlds.The Adventures of Dr Crackhead is a feature length documentary that follows Ferentzy through a tangle of careerambitions, love and dysfunction. His on-again/off-again girlfriend Kathy is a living testament to the dangers of a chronic drug habit, and a beacon for the temptations that would be Ferentzy's undoing. Having Kathy in life his means he is always courting relapse, but like the comic-book heroes he idolized as a child, Ferentzy sees himself as a strong man who should be capable of rescuing the 'damsel in distress'.The Adventures of Dr Crackhead is a raw, moving, brutally honest, account of a highly articulate man's attempt to straddle two worlds. In an adventure that begins in search for social justice, Ferentzy arrives at an emotional truth.

Reasonable Doubt

Cops and Bombers.

4:00pm, Secret Theater

Goddess Of Time

A modern day cop finds herself traveling between different times and different wars.

American Bomber

John Hidell departs military prison heartbroken with a dishonorable discharge. As he attempts to rebuild his life, documentary-style interviews with his mother and acquaintances describe a lifetime of abuse. Unemployed, he boards a bus to New York with no intention of returning. His only possession - a backpack brimming with homemade explosives.Interviews with FBI agents and Army specialists interweave with Hidell's preparations for his suicide bombing. Oblivious to the surveillance around him, Hidell tours the city, meets a girl and tries to enjoy his last week on earth.However, his one-night stand, Amy, becomes something more. His infatuation with her and New York grows. He hopes for a future. A hope that shatters when his co-conspirators and the FBI come hunting for him. With time running out, he asks Amy for help, but she accuses him of using her. He pleads that their relationship is real, but she's too angry to listen. Hidell takes this as another in a long succession of abandonment - his parents, his friends, his country. All he has left is the backpack.Left alone, he searches for one good reason not to go through with the bombing. He can't.News footage shows us the aftermath of the bombing. Amy throws out every item in her apartment Hidell may have touched, desperate to remove any trace of him. In the final documentary interview, Hidell's mother studies a photo album containing the last snapshot of her son. Numb with grief, she closes the book on him.


Off the grid and under the radar.

6:00pm, Nesva Hotel


Tuesday is a poignant, thought-provoking story of how life can take unexpected turns. Your neighbor, your grocer, maybe even your good friend could be in the midst of an unforeseen crisis. This is the story of a man struggling to keep all the pieces of his life together. Can he do it or will he lose heart?

Guest House

Lance Wesley lost his job and fiancee on the same day. Depressed and downtrodden, he moves back into his parents' Guesthouse where he spent his youth. As he fights constantly with his frustrated and less-than-patient father, relics from his past pay him a visit. Will his past propel him forward?


Freeload is a portrait of the modern train-riding culture. This movie follows Blackbird, a lost teenager searching for the answers to life. Ponyboy and Rachel, the young lovers, attempt to settle down in Texas, but the freedom of the road lure them back. Brothers Skrappe and Christmas - separated most of their lives - try to rekindle their distant brotherhood. Dice, the soft-spoken mystic will risk everything to ride the rails.

The Self

Outer space and Inner peace.

6:00pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights


Mission specialist Shannon Wendell spends one last night in New York City with a stranger before she embarks on a 135 year long journey to the distant planet of Gliese 581g, or Odessa.


This is a road movie about one Russian girl, who left everything and moved to India. She has nothing except small bag and tragic story behind. She travels alone all around India in searching for the purpose of leaving. But her past always follows her. Who knows weather she will be able to become free of it? The main idea of the film can be defined in such words as eternal flow of life, where Kate's life is just a blink, but in this blink the whole eternity is reflected.

Lone Prophet

DANTE is a normal teenager, senior in high school, captain of the track team, smart girlfriend, and good friends, but all this changes when he witnesses the deportation of his girlfriend and her family.

6:30pm, Secret Theater

Lone Prophet

Dante is a normal teenager, senior in high school, captain of the track team, smart girlfriend, and good friends, but all this changes when he witnesses the deportation of his girlfriend and her family. Disillusioned with his society, he begins to reevaluate his friendships and values, leading him to team up with the outcast in school, LP, who inspires him to become an activist and be the change he wants to see in his society. But will DANTE's best friend, IVAN let him ruin his reputation?

La Familia

You can't choose your family and you can't control them either.

7:30pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights


Tom Patterson is an award-winning editor who has had films in the Sundance, Tribeca and SXSW festivals. He also edited the QWFF short film "Can't Dance." This is the first film he has directed.

The House That Jack Built

Jack Maldonado is anambitious young Latino who, fueled by misguided nostalgia, buys a small apartment building in the Bronx and moves his boisterous family into the apartments to live rent-free. His parents, Carlos and Martha, sister Nadia, brother Richie and his wife Rosa, Grandmother Abuela and cousins Hector and Manny, all under one roof. Tension builds quickly as Jack imposes his views on everyone around him, including his fiancée, Lily. All the while, he hides the fact that his corner store is a front for selling marijuana, but soon must deal with new unwanted competitive forces. It's only a matter of time before Jack's family and 'business' lives collide in tragic fashion.

World Spotlight

Be prepared for an intense ride from Kosovo and the Philippines.

8:00pm, Nesva Hotel


Kosovo 1999. In the Midst of the deportation of civilians during the war, a father must choose between his daughter's life and death in order to save her form the horror.


Nuwebe is inspired by the actual story of one of the youngest mothers in Philippine history. Krista was just 9 years old when she became pregnant. Her mother believes that she was impregnated by malevolent supernatural creatures called "nuno sa punso" but the real story will prove to be more complicated than it seems.

Romeo And Blood

A modern day Social ills, suspicious hearts and broken dreams.

8:30pm, Secret Theater

Perfect Day

Desmond, an intellectual loner in a volatile high school, has devised a plan to reveal his affections to Aasha, the class beauty. He secretly writes her love sonnets, depositing them in her locker between classes. Then, in the midst of the day's chaos, he discovers he has his own secret admirer. All other concerns fade as he makes his way from clue to clue, hoping to find who is leaving him these cryptic notes.As the last school bell rings, Desmond questions will he ever find love, or, as the tension at school escalates, even a safe way home.


Pablo and Inés are on their way to her sister's wedding. Along the way, Pablo is unexpectedly forced to stop the car. Inés tries to solve the minor mishap, but Pablo's strange reaction prevents them from continuing until a couple of things are settled.

Istoriya M.

Smile of Marilyn, gait of Marilyn, manners of Marilyn... Even the dress looks like Marilyn's. An accidental encounter in a second-hand shop - and the sharp reality is ready to crash the world of dreams.

The Naked Leading The Blind

A dissection of the human condition on a hot summer's day blurred by alcohol, late night television and smoldering spirituality. "... and suddenly everything became clear to him." Words filled with wonder and possibility. There are consequences as a result of such sudden awakenings. Love and marriage. Serve and observe. Open your eyes and you will see. Love through a blind man's eyes.

El Lado Frío De La Almohada

A couple who just met share a pillow that night. They will discover that the pillow has a side colder than it seems...


David's only break from the monotony of his everyday life is a sick fetish.

Phoney Baloney

You're not fooling anyone, losers.

9:30pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights

Noite Perdida

Two friends reunite after a frustrated night with two girls. Both of them lie about the outcome of their dates, these lies are the trigger for a flashback that reveals what really happened that night.


In a quiet, upper-middle class suburban village, something Bhoner this way comes. They said her father killed himself, but Kisses Landica would not be fooled. And now, his killer has returned! It is up to Kisses and a group of wily, but chaste, teenagers to put a stop to his bloody revelry.Will the killer be revealed? Will Kisses subdue his ungodly frenzy? Will her father's life be avenged? Whatever happens, say no to drugs, for no one is safe in Bhoner.

The Rehearsal

Desperate to get his music to the masses, high-strung bandleader Dom demands relentless rehearsing! Between practice and perfect, however, lies a minefield of egos, ineptitude, and attitude problems.

Real Grit

Wrong time, wrong place.

10:30pm, Nesva Hotel

The Sacred Heart

A devout Catholic, unemployed young woman from Hell's Kitchen shares an apartment with her equally unemployed Chilean immigrant boyfriend and cop sister (the lease holder). When the sister threatens to evict them unless they pay their fair share of the rent, the couple resort to desperate measures and find themselves in the middle of a real estate war -- a potentially fatal situation requiring the woman to choose between the only neighborhood she's ever known and a boyfriend who may or may not be what he appears.

Full Circle

A young pizza delivery boy, Anthoni, faces a life-changing crisis when his curiosity pulls him away from his delivery order into an adjacent apartment's open door. He cannot resist temptation when he stumbles across a large sum of money in the aftermath of what seems to be a drug deal gone bad. After taking the money, his life is thrown into turmoil as everyone he knows and cares about is put in jeopardy. His focus turns to revenge when his close friend is killed. Anthoni goes on a comically charged journey for vengeance as outlandish characters banter throughout in this musically infused, urban set comedy-action-drama. Anthoni is set on avenging the death of his close friend even if it means going up against the neighborhood's most notorious thug.

Night Sweats

Human horror from Mexico and beyond the grave.

10:30pm, Secret Theater


A love story goes terribly awry when she wants out and he feels compelled to keep her.


Silencio is a poetic, magical and sometimes tragic immersion into the imagination of a child whose mother is about to abandon him. Drawn into a staging of the Don Juan story in Mexico, the characters navigate a world re-arranged by a child's consciousness.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


The anonymity of the meat market and the struggle to define yourself.

11:00am, Nesva Hotel


Shift follows the life of a character who is born from a tree and whose face is stolen by a wild dog. After wandering the landscape reflecting its environment, looking for home, our character's vision returns in an unsuspecting turn of events.

Every Time You Go Away I Stab Myself A Little

A short animation piece about sex, consumption, body image, objectification and desperation. In the sex meat market, there is no face and no compassion.


Barry Branch... comedian, actor, unstoppable force... is going to be huge. It's in all the trades, on every botoxed lip, over every studio exec's Blackberry. After so many years of working his more thanample arse off, Barry is finally on the cusp of his big break. The acting break that could make him a movie star and idol of millions.But there's a not-so-small problem...Barry gets a call in the middle of his daily work-out. His agent breaks the bad news. The producers are worried. They've reconceptualised the role he auditioned for and Barry isn't quite right anymore. But there's a solution staring them in the face... if only Barry will get onboard.The solution itself is easy. Barry almost has to do nothing. Less than nothing, in fact. And all it will cost him is a decade of sleepless nights and an early death.But if you want to be larger-than-life in this town, immortality comes at a price.HUGE is a death-black satire of the movie business and the disturbing lengths some people will go to make it big. Part-horror, part-black comedy, HUGE occupies a shadowy corner of Hollyweird where Chuck Palahniuk meets Tales from The Crypt.

One: A Story Of Love And Equality

In the months leading up to the vote on North Carolina's Amendment One, which would remove legal recognition for all couples that are not a married man and woman, a lesbian couple seeks to understand the personal stories of people on both sides, with the desire to relate as human beings, gain insight into the global gay marriage debate, and start a dialog.


The Immigrant voices.

11:15am, PS 69 Jackson Heights


The story of a Filipino domestic worker who is a survivor of labor trafficking and domestic violence. Juana leaves the Philippines for a better life but has to overcome many challenges including having to fight for herself and finally for her community.

Singing Jade

Founded in 2005's Manhattan Chinatown, the Columbus Park Senior Orchestra has provided a joyous experience to its members and passing spectators through theiramateur Cantonese opera performances on weekends. Singing Jade documents these endearing elderly immigrants' preparation for the New Year's Gala. Following this arc, the film also takes its viewers into the community beneath the surface of mahjong, Chinese poker and Tai Chi, all of which are often romanticized in tourist photos. Featuring two troupe members--Chen, a 76-year-old beloved diva, and Mei, a 64-year-old backstage supporter and babysitter, Singing Jade reveals how despite of their different roles, they have managed to foster the community and achieve their inner serenity. In traditional Cantonese culture, jade as a soulful material, is believed to grow with the owner and protect the aging owner from evil spirits. Singing Jade invites the viewers to feel and think what it means to grow old as an immigrant and an artist with youthful, musical "jade."

Judith: Portrait Of A Street Vendor

Portrait of Street Vendor is a short documentary that takes the audience on an intimate journey into the daily life of Judith, a street vendor from Guatemala who lives and works in New York City. Judith exposes the daily obstacles and struggles she and her fellow vendors face on the city's streets and shows her community's attempts to change their conditions as immigrants and workers. The film unveils Judith's hopes for the future and her aspirations as a mother, worker and community organizer. Shot in intimate observational style, Judith: Portrait of a Street Vendor is a compelling personal story about perseverance and access to the American Dream.

Mexican Dream

This documentary is about indigenous Mixtec immigrants from a remote pueblo in the Oaxaca (Mexico) who go to Austin (Minnesota, U.S.A.) to work for iconic meatpacking companies. The people from this one community make up most of the immigrant community of 5,000 in the cold mid-western town of 25,000 where they coexist uncomfortably with the mostly white residents. The film follows three families' members across both sides of the border, examining how migration breeds social alienation here and community dissolution back home. The film explores the myth of undocumented immigrants not paying their taxes, and ultimately shows how migration is a broader game between consumers, big business and politicians.

Community Collaborations

Don't ignore the truth in giving.

11:15am, Secret Theater

Ambassadors - The Native Jazz Quartet At Work

Vibraphonist Jason Marsalis of the New Orleans jazz family, German bass player Christian Fabian, Native Alaskan drummer Ed Littlefield, and Filipino-American pianist Reuel Lubag are THE NATIVE JAZZ QUARTET, a group that makes folk melodies from Alaska to Louisiana swing hard. In March 2013, the four jazzmen met up in New York to audition for the American Music Abroad Program. AMBASSADORS stays with them through a long night and a suspenseful morning as they work on making their dream come true: Follow in the footsteps of jazz giants like Dizzy Gillespie and travel the world as Music Ambassadors for the US.

What Is Philanthropy?

The act of giving takes many forms. It can be as informal as babysitting for a neighbor or assisting the coach of a little league baseball team. It can also be more formal acts such as venture or institutional philanthropy. What Is Philanthropy? holistically demonstrates and discusses philanthropy through the compelling stories of various people, highlighting their perspectives and environments. From well-known celebrities to the 'everyday jane or joe', millions of people across this country donate their time, money or expertise to the causes they deem important and worthy of their resources. Every day we're somehow touched by philanthropy such as getting care at a nonprofit hospital, attending higher education, enjoying a wildlife sanctuary, or receiving a simple, kind act from a neighbor who is paying it forward. Yet with all this history, growth and attention, philanthropy is often misunderstood. What is it? How does it operate? Who plays a role in it? Why do people give? Why is it a vibrant part of our culture and society? And, why is it important for us to understand the answers to these questions? What about philanthropy is working well and not working well? This film will address these questions through its subjects and their stories. When we have a better understanding of philanthropy, we can better address society's crippling problems through citizen involvement.

Happy Daze

Do we pick up the pieces when our lives are turned upside down?

1:15pm, Nesva Hotel

Inside Dutch

Dutch was given away at age four to live with Eve who taught him the ways of the flesh while her brother, Ivan taught him of the minds of men. He attends school in a mid-west city and is haunted by words, thoughts, passages from books Eve and Ivan read to him as a child,. His dreams and reality are twisted in theatrical studies and a world of make-believe as he wanders the night looking for people to know from the inside.

Mourning Has Broken

Mourning Has Broken explores the thin line between tragedy and comedy, love and hate, life and death. When a husband wakes to find that his wife has unexpectedly died during the night, he bottles up his grief and takes an emotional battle-axe to everything in the world that angers him. Unable to cope with his devastation, he sets out to complete the final "to-do" list his wife left him-with hilarious, drastic consequences. During his errands, a series of mundane annoyances and pet peeves that confront him end up becoming part of his wild call-to-action.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

There's always more going on than meets the eye...or not.

1:15pm, Secret Theater

Good Sister

Good Sister is a darkly funny tale of revenge that pits one nuttily heroic sister against another in an ongoing war for their mother's undivided attention. Treated by Dr. Janeway (Grant Shaud), the old lady has been sequestered in the high-security wing of a posh nursing home and by her conniving celebrity sibling, Esme. Self-sacrificing Helene's (Jessica Hecht) mission is to rescue Mother from the most recent battleground.

Ellie & Clara

Ellie & Clara is a coming of age story about two childhood friends who rekindle their friendship after several years' separation. They meet for a hike on a small mountain on a brisk and windy day at the end of Autumn. It is a place that evokes poignant memories for Clara, who used to go hiking there with her now deceased father. The natural surroundings and Ellie's closeness compel Clara to reveal a secret that she has kept to herself since the age of fourteen. It has to do with her father and a disturbing incident between them that they never discussed. The uncertain tenderness between the two friends grows into a more solid bond of complicity as a result of sharing this intimate secret.

So Far

Kate and Jackson head up to the cottage for a weekend. She goes up to get some work done; he goes up to propose. Her subconscious tries to warn her, but in the end she realizes that if she's going to be happy, she'll have to take control of her own life. 

Ravi & Jane

Ravi & Jane is a heart warming story of two class mates who strike up a budding friendship. A shy 10 year old, Ravi, has just moved to Australia from his native land of Sri Lanka. On his first day in a new school, he is befriended by Jane. Whilst their lives are worlds apart the two are inseparable until events beyond their control attempt to divide them.

Pearl Was Here

A wild child finds solace in a sea of stuffed animals.

The Hero Pose

The Hero Pose is a short film about Mia, an eight year old girl and her father, Joe, who is trying to sell a car. As the afternoon progresses, Mia and Joe uncover a lot about their relationship and end up connecting with one another in an unusual way.

Very Moving Images

Historically speaking, filmmaking isn't pretty.

1:30pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights

3 Minutes Screenplay

Council is a young screenwriter screenwriter. But his script is not approved and he decides that his script in the trash bin, but ...


Celluloid depicts the life and times of Dr J.C. DANIEL, the pioneer of Malayalam cinema. A story panning over 70 years between 1926 and 2000, CELLULOID tells the story of how Daniel (Prithviraj) made the first Malayalam motion picture. 'VIGATHAKUMARAN' . How he had to endure unprecedented hardships to achieve this feat. How he was willing to invest his personal fortune in the venture, how he travelled across the country meeting stalwarts of Indian Cinema such as DadaSaheb Phalke and Nataraja Muthaliar to learn about filmmaking; and not the least, finding an actress to act in his movie. During the period of filming (1926-1927) it was unthinkable that a woman would act in films, for it was considered a degrading act. Daniel, however, managed to find an actress for his film, P.K Rosy, who would go onto be the first heroine of Malayalam Cinema. Celluloid follows the making of VIGATHAKUMARAN and how tragedy strikes the film upon its release, when cast fanatics bans the film from being shown in Capitol Cinema Hall in Travancore, the only such establishment in those parts at other time, and indeed from other cinema halls across Kerala. The tragedy of P.K Rosy is another element in the film, when she, of lower cast, was banished from Travancore by the fanatics for daring to act in the movie, as a Nair lady. Celluloid further follows the demise of J.C Daniel since this incident, and covers his life story to his death bed. How he died without being recognised for his work, as he did not have a single piece of film roll to prove he had actually made such a film.

New Vistas

Cultural commentary that pushes the envelope of context and story form.

2:45pm, Secret Theater


A young man who loves to play Didgeridoo is remembering the events of his past day. He remembers that he has to work in a boring office and how his colleages humilliate him because of his problem and he gets so furious that he wants to leave the office but at the end he decides to take off his trousers inorder to show his objection. But because of his bad luck his trousers is taken out of the window by a man there, and he runs home naked. And his good luck is that the girl at the CCTV room gives him her skirt to go home!

Cyclone Forever
Some of Coney Island's archetypical characters travel endlessly on the Cyclone roller coaster enduring time and tide.

Spineless Deities

A very Queer animation, in every sense of the word, 'Spineless Deities' takes place in a multi-, yet two-dimensional Dimension: a dreamscape on a nightmarish edge. The experimental format provides a unique take on the theme of the Universal Soldier, on the love and desire expressed by an 'Elder Soldier In The Brotherhood to The Younger' (Towards Democracy, Edward Carpenter,1892). Stripped down, their jackets silhouetted in two-toned blue and pink, are the soldier protagonists, suspended in a memory of lost love encapsulated forever in this static, strobe-like world.The scene begins benignly with flowering bushes in 'real time'. The ominous buzz of insects cuts across the soundscape. The narrator's rich baritone voice (Winston Tong) delivers the poem with dreamy, wicked glee that reverbs in sync with bird song....and we are thrown into another dimension. In a collage employing crude cutouts, primordial insect-like forms float across the panorama of vague mounds and shifting patterns of sky. The headless soldiers' jackets lovingly sprout flowers and bird heads towards one another while this parade of otherworldly beings moves disjointedly across the scene.A stripping off of fatades, to notational scrawls and arrow indications by Falconer, creates a humorously terrifying atmosphere where love has no real place, no face, but exists on the animator's dreamscape battlefield. An honoring of the memory of fallen Queer comrades. --- Teal Fraser, Arts Review, London


A city in explosive development. Overcrowded streets of human beings, all on motorbikes, get mixed up into circulation streams, nobody knows neither their source nor theiractivities.A magma of images reflects, without consistency, all ideals of consumption.In this confusion, a particular destiny could be a daily life of everybody. Such as a commonstory: a grand-mother is dying, a divorced woman who does not want to take care of herteenager child, an anxious father initiates his son earning his own living, a teenagerdreams of a lucky life without having to work, and new rules of transparency in global wayof judgments implicate up to private life of a human being, pretending control the qualityof his work... Nobody knows what will be happened next?

Outer Regions

Stories from just beyond certainty, you don't know what you think you know.

3:15pm, Nesva Hotel

My Art Is Not Dead

My Art is Not Dead' follows a poor artist who accidentally discovers the use of blood to paint his works and now he's on the search for the perfect color. A mix of claymation and rear lit animation.

King Theodore Live

King Theodore Live is a sci fi comedy set in the modern day, about an alien who comes to Earth to see King Theodore, her favorite band. She first makes contact with the lead singer -- now an accountant floundering through his 20s --by taking over the body of a dead co-worker. In the far reaches of space, the latest vacation trend is Cross Cosmic Bio Tourism, a technology allowing extraterrestrial tourists to inhabit dead bodies on distant worlds. Traveler 5AA77 has waited years for an eligible body to die, and when high-strung CFO Jordyn MacKenzie collapses from a cocaine overdose in her Manhattan apartment, that wait is over. Meanwhile, Hershel Cohen-Bravo (Hershey) is in the midst of a decade-long rut. Stuck in a pattern of hooking up with strangers and slacking off at his dead-end job, he and his co-workers are living lives they never expected. Today, following his latest screw up at work, Hershey is wondering why Jordyn, his boss, isn't picking up her phone.When Hershey and the alien Jordyn meet at a downtown dive bar, they are immediately drawn to each other, recognizing the same feelings of angst and a need for reckless adventure. As they party into the night, Hershey comes to realize that this encounter with the unlikeliest of fans will be the start of something exciting and new.

Talk To Strangers

A man brings home a strange woman with an even stranger condition: she says she's EMOTIONLESS. As the man tries to understand her, his less-than-normal girlfriend tries to undermine her, and life in his apartment gets just a bit weird.


In a city under construction, between dreams and hidden desires, a trader falls down during a financial turmoil.

Day 6011

This story follows an elite robotic soldier. After being alone on guard for more than 6000 days, he encounters his first contact. But things don't go as planned ...


Recursion is a modern-day time-travel adventure that tells the story of Sherwin, possibly the most unlikely best-man there ever was. Awkward and accident prone, he loses the ring moments before the ceremony. But, thankfully, Sherwin knows a powerful secret. A secret that allows him to try everything possible (and impossible) to correct his mistake... again and again and again. The trick? Not to destroy his universe while he's at it.

Rounding The Corner

Fresh voices from Queens and one guy from the Bronx.

3:30pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights


Red, a young man from Rockaway, New York, deals with the loss of a friend while coming to terms with the necessity for revenge.

Start With Carrots

The young male named Brian realizes and becomes aware of his surroundings and feels not the need to question his daily routine to be able to survive through out the week. As Brian narrates what is being expected through out the film, a usual customer arrives by the name of Mr. Miller. This man is old and arrogant towards the new generation of kids growing up. As Mr. Miller explains his hatred he tests Brian to see if he will become any more like the others. Mr Miller tells Brian to get out his comfort zone by getting a batch of carrots to see what events occur during the week. The carrots are a metaphor for seeing a different aspect than just doing the same thing everyday.

The Devil May Care

Liza. 28. Single. Wishes that she could be as beautiful and sexy as her coworker Candy. While in a depression one evening, Liza browses the Internet to find a magic potion that would allow her to live inside of Candy's body.

The Morning After

John, a white-collar worker lives a normal routine life. He doesn't like bars, clubs, lounges, he just enjoys spending time alone at home with a glass of wine and watching movies. One night he decides to go out to a neighborhood bar where he meets Marie who is celebrating her birthday alone...there's an instant attraction between the two and a one night stand. But nobody expected what followed... The Morning After.

Eight To Five On Cleveland

Eight To Five On Cleveland is an urban thriller based in Queens New York. It's cinematic style is reminiscent of the American thriller films of the 1970's. Modern 'legal' financial predators leave people susceptible to their own bad habits. Maybe Donde's old friend Bobby Monte can help him out with a pricey favor. Bobby has the means, but Bobby has to watch his own back.

Crossing The River
Inspired by a true story, "Crossing the River" is about a young white boy who is influenced to commit a hate crime against a biracial girl who is his friend. The film explores the points of view of both the victim and perpetrators, and seeks to reveal how someone can be influenced to do something morally unspeakable.

All About Women

Animated body fantasias, urban commuter anxieties, and gender solidarity.

5:00pm, Nesva Hotel


Crisalida, which means 'cocoon of an incubating butterfly,' is the name of an 86-year-old woman who watches the world through her bedroom window. Over the course of a Sunday in her small Cuban town, her past and present converge in ironic, unsettling ways.

Haenyeo: Women Of The Sea

Haenyeo refers to the women free-divers of Jeju Island, South Korea who for centuries have collected sea food without the use of scuba equipment. This short documentary provides a portrait of Chuwar Park, a still active and unbelievably vibrant 82-year-old diver. Examining her daily routine as well as her past, Park sheds light on this unique matriarchal culture that has changed little since the 19th century.


Hannah has spent her life trying to do the right thing, but despite her efforts she can not catch a break or win the sought after affection of her mother, nor the respect of her brother. Hannah finds solace in baseball from the time she is young. This family strife culminates on the ball-field when Hannah's co-ed team is up against Robbies in the playoffs.

The Train

The Train is a glimpse into a modern day suburban woman's crippling anxiety. Set in a charming hamlet we meet Chris, a forty year old woman with an impeccably intact veneer. We watch her battle her nervousness about leaving the safety of her town. Can she do it? Can she get on the train? This time.

Customer #935

Customer #935 is a short comedy made by first timers Jeanine Flynn (screenwriting), Smeralda Abel (director) and Noel Sutherland (director of photography). Filmed in New York, this film tells the tale of Rebecca, a single NYC actress who attends a Long Island 'Passion Party' as a favor to her friend, Andrea. Here she meet Claire 'The Countess of Canoodling'. Claire is expanding her sex toy business and needs some help from the girls for her promotional video. Nothing graphic- they just need to act like Long Island housewives looking to spice things up. Paid in toys, the girls return home to NYC to go on with their lives. Rebecca's new 'gift' starts to transform her. She begins to bloom...until her new toy goes missing! Distraught and terrified Rebecca enlists Andrea to help her get it back. Customer #935 helps answer the age old question: 'What happens when you accidentally send your vibrator to the laundry?'. Based on a true story.

Little Vulvah & Her Clitoral Awareness
A little girl wakes up as from a dream, aroused by the birds of pleasure that dresses her up in her 'curious' dress.She sets out to explore nature,and feels the seasons' shivering changes.She gets absorbed in strange rooms of delightwhile developing into a young woman.


Lucía, a young 18 year old transsexual, enters a new high-school halfway through its last year assuming her self-perceived identity, even though her ID reflects her masculine name. The school management tries to stop her from attending the institution through expiatory excuses. Her classmates, through a simple act, come together to avoid this from happening.

Significant Others

We don't often get to choose who and how we love. But when we do it is profound.

5:00pm, Secret Theater


An aging fisherman develops an intimate relationship with a lobster as he struggles to find closure with his lost wife.

Jaipur Mahouti

'Jaipur Mahouti' portrays the cultural love of elephants in India and the strong bond between elephant drivers (mahouts) and the elephants with whom they share their daily lives. It was shot entirely in Jaipur, India and features the music of hip hop artist MC Yogi.

La Double Croisée

In an experimental comedy blending wit with intimacy, we follow two characters as they film their way through Paris. While lighthearted Lucy records a women's rugby tournament for a sick teammate, reserved Kader documents life and love as a wedding videographer. When their stories collide in a public park, the two films combine into a new story. As Kader explores his past, Lucy captures the joyful energy of her teammates. Moving from one tape to the other, the film captures commonalities and contrasts between Lucy and Kader's perspectives. Using a handheld camera style, the film gives viewers a naturalistic glimpse into two stories combined by a twist of fate. Humorous, unique and romantic, The Double Switch explores love as the product of art and chance.

All About New York

A group of shorts for the discerning New Yorker and those who love them.

5:30pm, PS 69 Jackson Heights

Seven Station

A meditation on urban desolation and existential dread.

Jesse And The Fountain Of Youth

In 'Jesse and the Fountain Youth' we meet Jesse Cohen, a subway performer/busker who uses busking as a means to elevate his life out of only playing in subways for his income. Although being an above ground street performer is his goal, he knows that he will never break free of busking. We travel with Jesse and make stops at various hipster-gentrified Brooklyn locales in the subway system as we witness this subtle struggle unfold.We first learn why Jesse busks before seeing him perform at a subway performer's concert, held in Brooklyn, NY. Here he performs an electrifying, deeply resonant song called 'The Fountain of Youth'. The haunting song's haunting opening guitar riff becomes our musical talisman in taking the journey with Jesse through the different aspects of his life. Jesse explains that he busks to pay rent, connect with people and get his music heard. While we never hear the song's words until the close of the film, the haunting yet heartfelt guitar serves as a bridge between the different segments of the film.As we progress, Jesse makes strides towards having his music heard in more conventional settings above ground. A record producer who wants to produce 'The Fountain of Youth' approaches him at a subway stop.Despite this personal triumph, Jesse continues to negotiate the line between busking in the subways and keeping the momentum of advancing his career as a musician above ground; a dilemma as old as busking itself.

Last Ride...First Ride

Only days after the end of the season party, Hurricane Sandy destroys the Coney Island bumper cars along with much of the region. Will it reopen for another season?

The Grand Hotel

Single room occupancies are a housing phenomena created in New York City during the 1930's. A majority of these buildings are hotels built in the late 19Th and 20Th centuries. Many of these SRO'S, which they became commonly known as, are of the highest architectural style and craftsmanship. SRO's are not all equipped with kitchens and bathrooms. Tenants commonly share bathrooms that are located on each floor. Over the decades SRO's have seen a revolving clientele of residents. Typically they house people of lesser means, individuals that are impoverished, mentally ill, or suffering from substance addiction. From the late 20Th century to today's current time, single room occupancies have become a housing option for students, artists and immigrants. The film gives viewers a unique look inside an SRO. The wave of gentrification sweeping through the city has left few of these housing oddities in existence. Interviews with tenants and visuals of children playing in hallways are some of the moments that capture the life of residents living in The Grand Hotel.


In March 1964, 37 people, silently, witnessed the murder of Kitty Genovese. None of them could explain why they hadn't interfered; why they had just stood by, watching. '37' is the story of two of those bystanders.

Lost & Found

Painfully awkward and seeking kinship.

6:30pm, Nesva Hotel


A son comes to realize his mothers independence has manifested unexpectedly while coming home to visit her on what he believes to be a typical Sunday meal.

Unhappy Happy

Case is a failed team-building leader whose younger brother, Cameron, is dying from brain cancer. Case is obsessed with trying to design an electronic device to relieve Cameron's suffering, but Case lacks the skills to make the device work. Case meets Nellie, an uptight engineer, on a disastrous blind date. The date is a bust, but Nellie turns out to have the skills necessary to build his device. The two agree to work on the device together, but things become complicated when feelings get in the way. Before Case can help his brother, he will need to come to terms with his own unhappiness.


When traditions collide.

7:00pm, Secret Theater

Small Delights

Small Delights is a short fiction film that centers on teenage Aziza, who is in the middle of figuring herself out - but one thing she does know, is that she loves music. Through listening to and making music, Aziza, a South Asian Muslim teenager from NYC, is attempting to find out where she fits in.

Migrations Of Islam

A documentary on the representations of American-Muslim identity in popular culture post 9/11. Through cultural events like the performance of the theatrical Hijabi Monologues, and the musical Poetic Visions Tour, and the staged reading of playwright Wajahat Ali's Domestic Crusaders in Michigan, 'Migrations of Islam' foregrounds the response of the Muslims in America to both the media-driven Islamophobia and the conservative voices of the Muslims within the community. The narrative embeds these performances of popular artists within the larger community of mainly young students, who were at an young and impressionable age when they experienced the trauma of 9/11, as they respond to the contemporary discourses surrounding Muslim identity by being both an audience and performers in their own right.

Date: March 4-9, 2014


Museum of the Moving Image, 36-01 35 Avenue, Astoria, NY

The Secret Theatre, 4402 23rd Street Long Island City, NY

Nesva Hotel, 39-12 29th St, Long Island City, NY

P.S. 069 Jackson Heights, 77-02 37th Avenue, Queens, NY

$10 for the general public
$6 for Senior (65 and over) and Students (18 and under)
$25 Opening Night
$75 Festival Pass with Opening Night
$50 Festival Pass without Opening Night