Rebellion Photonics Statement on EPA Announcement Regarding Methane Emissions From Oil and Gas

Government and Politics

January 19, 2015

Houston, TX - The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced details of its new plan to reduce methane emissions from the U.S. oil and gas sector. Below is a statement from Rebellion Photonics responding EPA's announcement:

"Rebellion Photonics welcomes today's announcement from the EPA regarding its methane plan. It is a positive step towards ensuring we minimize emissions of methane, a short-term climate forcer, from the US oil and gas value chain. America's shale revolution holds vast potential to both power our economy and drive environmental gains. Limiting the amount of methane that leaks from natural gas equipment ensures that we will maximize the environmental benefits of America's plentiful natural gas resources.

Rebellion Photonics has developed cutting-edge camera technology to enable companies to quickly find and repair leaks, one of the largest sources of methane emissions. Our U.S.-manufactured products help companies cost-effectively prevent unnecessary waste of a valuable natural and national resource. Rebellion Photonics stands ready to work with the EPA and industry to find ways to intelligently and cost effectively reduce the environmental and health impacts of natural gas development."

- Allison Lami Sawyer, Chief Executive Officer, Rebellion Photonics

Rebellion Photonics is an award-winning technology company based in Houston, TX servicing the oil & gas industry with a suite of products for gas protection. Most recently, the company was awarded a $4.25 million grant from ARPA-E for the MONITOR program, which focuses on reducing methane emissions associated with energy production to build a more sustainable energy future.

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