Reelabilities: Houston Disabilities Film Festival 2015

Arts and Entertainment

February 2, 2015

From: Houston Reelabilities Film Festival

ReelAbilities is a city-wide film and arts festival dedicated to promoting inclusion and celebrating the lives, stories, and artwork of people with disabilities.

Schedule of Films:

February 8, 2015

Opening Day / Family Program

1:00 pm: Dolphin Tale 2

12:30 - 2:00 pm: Special presentations by The Seeing Eye, Inc. featuring real-life guide dogs will be held for all museum goers.

Tickets: Free; (includes CMH admission) registration required

Location: Children's Museum of Houston

Opening Night

5:00 pm: Open for registration

5:30 pm: Its All About Friends

25th Anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act: Homage to President George H. W. Bush's Role in Securing Rights for Individuals with Disabilities.

Tickets: $25

Location: Edward's Grand Palace Stadium 24

February 9, 2015

6:00 pm: Light reception

7:00 pm: Little World

Tickets: $10 each

Location: MFAH

6:15 pm: Light reception

7:00 pm: Fixed

Post screening discussion led by Dr. Cindy Ivanhoe.

Tickets: $10; registration required

Location: The Health & Medical Science Museum

February 10, 2015

7:00 pm: Doors Open

7:15 pm: Here One Day

Tickets: Free; registration requested

Location: The Monarch Institute

February 11, 2015

7:00 pm: A Whole Lott More

Tickets: Free; registration required

Location: Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center

6:00 pm: Reception

7:00 pm: Touch of the Light

Tickets: $10

Location: Asia Society

February 12, 2015

6:15 pm: Reception

7:00 pm: Program

Houston: Epicenter in the Fight for Disability Rights

A presentation by Lex Frieden, Southwest ADA Center Airing on HTV-HD.

An Extraordinary Evening of Extraordinary Experts UP Abilities: In Partnership with The UP Experience

Hugh Herr: The Human Spirit: Merging Body & Machine

Elliot Kotek: Not Impossible: Technology for the Sake of Humanity

Kevin Breel: The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Amy Purdy: Living Beyond Limits

Tickets: $100

Location: The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston

Fest Date: February 8 - 12, 2015

Childrens Museum Of Houston, 1500 Binz Street, Houston, TX 77004
Edwards Greenway Palace 24, 3839 Weslayan, Houston, TX 77001
Museum of Fine Arts, 1001 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77005
Health Museum, 1515 Hermann Drive, Houston, TX 77004
Monarch School, 2815 Rosefield Drive, Houston, TX 77080
Asia Society Texas Center, 1370 Southmore Boulevard, Houston, TX 77004
Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston, 5601 South Braeswood, Houston, TX 77096
The Council on Alcohol and Drugs Houston, 303 Jackson Hill Street, Houston, TX 77007

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