REITwise: 2018 Law, Accounting& Finance Conference in Hollywood

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March 6, 2018

The conference that exposes the effect of political, economic and financial events on legal, financial, accounting and tax operations in real estate will be held in March 2018.  This conference is open to professionals in the legal, financial, accounting and real estate sectors. Organized by the National Association of Real Estate Investment, the event is a 3 day eye-opening conference that affords you the chance at networking with investors and professionals in the industry; as well as gaining valuable insights from experts and regulators such as the IRS, SEC, FASB etc. also, this conference avails professionals the chance to gain 19.5 CPE credits or 17.5 CLE credits in their professional education. Get more information here

Date and Venue

Date: 21-23 March 2018

Venue: The Diplomat Beach Resort, Hollywood.

What should you look forward to get from the conference?

Day 1:

The first day comprises of a 5 kilometer fun run, beach yoga, networking opportunities.

Also, sessions on accounting, goodtogoinsurance and government relations would ensue to throw more light in their respective areas.

The accounting session includes a discussion on financial standards, cyber security and privacy, FASB project for improving accounting for asset acquisitions and business combinations.

Government relations session on perspectives from the internal revenue service, financial housing developments is also scheduled to take place.

Day 2:

The second day begins with the general session on the state of the capital markets with markers on the impact of tax reform and administrative policy plans, and the influence of passive investments on capital market.

It follows with an expose on diversity and inclusion from business and legal perspective, common barriers to diversity and inclusion in the work force and best practices for building a diverse and inclusive workforce

Next, is the session on REIT operational /practical Tax Issues with tips on planning year end distributions, handling an IRS audit, treating payment from local governments and how to make the most from repair deductions.

The next session is on corporate governance which includes board meetings with major investors, proxy season issues such as bylaw changes, say-on-pay disclosures. Also, a session on the state of the real estate market touching topics such as projected movement rates, view of real estate valuations as well as the supply and demand relationships by property sectors.etc

Day 3: The third day offers REIT tips on investing outside the US, new leases and revenue recognition standards, balance sheet strategies, current rating agency views as well as current hedging strategies.

 Registration fees are to be paid on or before February 16, 2018. Registration fees cover all the educational sessions, refreshment, breaks and meal functions.