Rep. Barry Moore: Democrats Funnel $54 Billion In Tax Dollars To Ukraine While Our Border Collapses

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November 29, 2022

Rep. Barry Moore: Democrats Funnel $54 Billion In Tax Dollars To Ukraine While Our Border Collapses

Washington, D.C. — Rep. Barry Moore (AL-02) spoke yesterday about his decision to sign a resolution led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) requesting an audit of all American taxpayer dollars sent to Ukraine. $54 billion has been sent to Ukraine from the United States since the beginning of the conflict despite little accountability measures tied to the funds, and recently President Joe Biden has requested an additional $38 billion from Congress. Moore questioned why Democrats are so committed to funding Ukraine while neglecting the sovereignty and security of our own border, as illegal immigrants and drugs pour across with 2.4 million migrant encounters this year alone. Moore also discussed how Biden’s energy and foreign policies emboldened Russian President Vladimir Putin, specifically by showing weakness through his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and his approval of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline that increased Russia’s leverage over a European continent increasingly dependent upon Russian energy. Click here to view Congressman Moore's remarks.

Moore's remarks:

"I was in Ukraine before Afghanistan fell, and at that point in time the parliament was extremely concerned about [American] energy policy and how we were allowing Putin to basically move the [Nord Stream 2] Pipeline and start production. Even then, parliament saw the issue, but when I got here and started talking to other members, the same group of people here gave Trump such a hard time about a few billion dollars at the U.S. southern border.

"As fentanyl and drugs and illegals poured across our southern border, a few billion dollars, four billion, was just a little too much money. And now we are looking at $40 billion one week, $14 billion the next week with little to no oversight.

"Ukraine is a young democracy, and we are sending American taxpayer money over there with no oversight. It creates problems, it creates corruption, it's not good for the American taxpayer or the American people.”