Rep. Jamaal Bowman Joins International Community in Calling on Justice and Equity for Women in Iran

Government and Politics

October 7, 2022

NEW YORK – Today,  Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Ed.D (NY-16) issued the following statement following his speech at the National Iranian American Council’s 20th Anniversary Gala.

“Resistance is critical in order for us to overcome oppression,” said Congressman Jamaal Bowman, Ed.D (NY-16). “I stand in solidarity with the Iranian community and those who are resisting tyranny and speaking truth to power in order to achieve rights for all. The world is inspired by the courage and conviction of Iranian citizens - and particularly women of Iran - to take a stand for everyone’s basic human right to self-determination and agency over their bodies and lives.Women in Iran and around the world should be given the choice to decide if they do or do not want to wear a hijab. Masha Amini should still be living today. The protestors in the streets of Iran now are putting their bodies and lives on the line to fight for women’s rights - which we know are basic human rights. I stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone resisting the Iranian government’s efforts to repress women and I do so representing many across NY-16 who feel just as strongly as I do about civil liberties and the freedom of choice. Women, life, freedom!”