RFC Media Announces New Service For Candidates And Campaigns: Customized, Politically Branded Radio Stations

Clubs and Organizations

April 25, 2014

Houston, TX - RFC Media, a Houston-based company that produces and delivers branded digital content, April 23, 2014 announced a new product that offers a broad range of benefits to candidates, campaigns, and parties: Customized brick-and-mortar radio stations...without the brick and mortar.

RFC has developed a strategy for creating online radio stations that can be programmed and targeted to one or more specific political constituencies, from Hispanics and suburban women to blue-collar workers and young voters. It blends music, news, commentary, and content in an artful package that engages, energizes, and engages listeners. The approach is tuned to compete head-on for a particularly hard-to-reach audience, then, win a place in their thinking and ultimately in their preferences.

Chief Operating Officer Pat Fant explained that RFC's politically branded stations differ sharply from current offerings available on the Internet. "RFC's custom-produced stations are hand-crafted and live hosted by award winning and nationally known on-air personalities," he said. "Not only is the music custom designed to precisely hit the target, but also the spoken-word content talks about the issues, candidates, and campaigns in a fashion that builds a bridge with your mission-critical demographic. It is all designed and produced purely for the client perspective. No other service does that. By combining high-value content with legitimate, entertainment, we can pull people in rather than just pushing information out. That increases the likelihood they'll participate and share with their friends, and that has a lot of advantages in the political world."

Further separating RFC from other platforms is the versatility of their stations. The company can also produce live radio remotes from political events, weekly news shows, and live or recorded interviews with candidates or other newsmakers.

Fant added that the stations can also serve a full range of strategic and tactical purposes, including messaging and general outreach as well as support of fundraising, get-out-the-vote, grassroots organizing, and constituency-building efforts.

He also pointed out that online radio usage is increasing rapidly, while so-called "terrestrial radio" is not.

"We've all spent our careers in radio," he said, speaking of RFC's creative and programming team, "and we've worked in all genres in all kinds of markets. So we know the problems that are now confronting traditional radio and, to a degree, many of the online music services. But more important, we know how to solve them in order to bring maximum value and cost-effectiveness to those engaged in politics and public issues."

About RFC Media:

RFC Media is the leading creator of customized, content-driven, brand-focused radio stations for businesses, organizations, political parties and candidates, and institutions. With live programming and strategic messaging that is targeted to specific audiences, RFC Media redefines and revolutionizes traditional Internet radio by helping clients create an interactive, multidimensional experience that builds, sustains, and deepens relationships with their customers.