Rooftops Newsletter: Friday Friends

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February 16, 2017

Friday Friends 

In this space at the end of February, when we announced that Enid Borden had once again been invited to be a Regular Contributor to the HuffPost, we wrote "While readers can expect many of her columns to reference the hunger problem, that won't be the only senior-focused topic subject she addresses." And she went on to explain, "I want to explore aging from all sorts of perspectives, to explode some myths and to give some color to turning gray."

In her current column, she does just that as she speaks from the heart. She writes poignantly and honestly about just what can happen … what unexpected things can occur… when old friends of many years age together but not in the same way.  It is a situation that many of us are likely to encounter. Enid's willingness to address the matter in the public forum is first a tribute to her friend and then a gift to all of us.

Click here to see what she has to say