Rooftops Newsletter: Kids Against Hunger, Appalachian Sustainability

Clubs and Organizations

July 9, 2013

Hot Off The NFESH Presses: The State Of Senior Hunger In America

Senior hunger has grown more than 88% in a decade. But who exactly is most at risk? Which states are coping best, and worst? You won't know until you read the latest report, and Report Card, from NFESH...
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I Have A Dream

Joshua Williams
Joshua's Heart Foundation

You might think foundations are for grownups, but strange magic can happen when you give a generous kid a twenty-dollar bill. If they have already found their calling, you may soon see them feeding 150 families a week...
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Transforming Our Food System: A Look At Western North Carolina's Local Food Movement

Charlie Jackson
Executive Director
Appalachian Sustainable Architecture Project

Where would you expect to see the vanguard of local food ideology? Berkeley? Cambridge? Madison? Austin? Then you may not have heard about the regime change in the former kingdom of Burley Tobacco...
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