Rooftops Newsletter: Senior Farmers' Markets, Hidden Hunger

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January 15, 2013

Hidden Hunger And Food Insecurity

Billie Johnson (left)
Dr. Rebecca Liebes (right)
Director of Nutrition and Wellness
Area Office on Aging of  Northwestern Ohio, Inc.

Silence is not always golden. 66% of eligible seniors ignore the SNAP program, even though food insecurity can wreak havoc with their health and independence. Can more interactive senior meal programs bridge the gap?..
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The Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program: Supporting The Health Of Our Communities And Farmers

Jen O'Brien
Executive Director
Farmers' Market Coalition

Farmers' markets are the freshest - and often the only - local food source for urban seniors, who redeem 85% of their SFMNP coupons. That's $17 million more business for farmers, plus a hidden mental health bonus...
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