Rooftops Newsletter: Strengthening the nutrition safety net for seniors

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February 24, 2013

Strengthening the nutrition safety net for seniors

Eileen Hyde, Manager of Program Capacity, Feeding America

Imagine working hard all of your life and retiring to an empty cupboard. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many older adults in our country, including Alberta and Ola, two women in Washington, D.C. Alberta retired after spending 45 years working in the government and banking system. Ola spent her years raising a family while her husband worked for both the railroad and post office. She's been receiving his pension since he passed from a massive heart attack in 1993.  READ MORE

The (in)efficiency of the American food system

Scott Cooney, Publisher, EatDrinkBetter.com

The American food system is vast, immensely productive, and dramatically inefficient. America's variety of climatic zones means we can grow everything from winter root veggies to tropical fruits, pretty much year round. So it's not that we can't afford to feed our seniors and the hungry.

Yet, hunger remains. Companies that market genetically engineered foods (GMO) claim that the solution is in technology, and that through GMO foods, we can feed the world. But America feeds its 315 million citizens and does a fair bit of exporting, too, to the tune of $150 billion in goods. So if it's not the quantity, and it's not the price, then what is the cause of food deserts and the lack of access to healthy food for the hungry?  READ MORE