Rooftops Newsletter: The Top Ten of 2013

Clubs and Organizations

January 1, 2014

There were many wonderful people and organizations featured in Rooftops last year supporting multiple causes including: hunger action teams; urban gardening; reducing hunger; and adapting homes for seniors. We are looking forward to showcasing more organizations this year. Below is a compilation of the most-read articles from Rooftops' Featured Columnists in 2013.

5 Signs Your Aging Parent Isn't Getting Enough Food
Melanie Haiken
Senior Editor

Things are not always what they seem, so when little oddities start cropping up in the life of your aging parent, there may be an unexpected culprit: poverty and hunger...
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Til No One Is Hungry
Nancy Roman
President & CEO
Capital Area Food Bank

In Haiti, in Darfur, in South Sudan a cruel specter hinders learning, stunts immune systems, and makes successful work all but impossible. And now it is haunting Washington too...
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Seniors and Food in Washington, DC
John M. Thompson, PhD, FAAMA
Executive Director
Washington, DC Office on Aging

More than 70,000 DC seniors over 65 get $30K or less a year. They risk hunger, with illness, hospitalization and nursing care averaging $110K a year. This makes universal senior meals, food subsidies and urban gardening very logical investments...
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Cuts to SNAP Will Mean Greater Hunger Among Older Americans
Fito Moreno
Media Specialist
Bread For The World

Though food insecurity is rising fast for people over 60, only a third of eligible seniors have signed up for federal food assistance. Meanwhile, Medicare and other side effects of hunger are already costing $168 billion a year...
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Hidden Hunger, Food Insecurity
Billie Johnson (left) President/CEO
Dr. Rebecca Liebes (right)
Director of Nutrition and Wellness
Area Office on Aging of Northwestern Ohio, Inc.

Silence is not always golden. 66% of eligible seniors ignore the SNAP program, even though food insecurity can wreak havoc with their health and independence. Can more innovative programs bridge the gap?..

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Claire Shimabukuro
Executive Director
Hawai'i Meals on Wheels

Food insecurity.  Fiscal cliff.  Collateral damage.  Euphemisms for hunger. While descriptive terms are of importance for communication and clarity, one cannot help but think they sometimes serve to distance us from grim realities...
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Aging and Still Struggling to Put Food on the Table
Eileen Hyde
Manager of Program Capacity
Feeding America

Imagine working hard all of your life and retiring to an empty cupboard. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many older adults in our country, including Alberta and Ola, two women in Washington, D.C...
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Innovative Programs That Support Senior Health And Well-Being
Oran Hesterman
President & CEO
Fair Food Network

WIth grocery stores fleeing the inner city, and reliable transportation anything but guaranteed, how can urban seniors find affordable, unprocessed food? By Doubling Up...
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Stuffed and Starved
Jeremy Farmer
Just Food

35 years ago, there were only 200 food banks in America. Then came the early 80s tax cuts, shoving the responsibility for hunger onto nonprofits, and 200 became 200 squared... 
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Even in Boom Economy, Hunger Refuses To Go Bust
Paige Phelps
Director, Public Policy & Communications
West Texas Food Bank

The woman living in a storage unit has a job and is paid what would be considered a decent wage in most places, but not here where rent for a 700-square-foot apartment is $1200 - if you can even find one that cheap...
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