Rooftops Newsletter: Waste Not, Want Not

Clubs and Organizations

February 7, 2017

In this space we generally focus on big waste, that is, we report on the work that we are doing through our What A Waste® projects at Senior Nutrition Programs across the country. We look at the progress that these SNPs make after they learn -- through separating, measuring and weighing the food prepared and not served or served and discarded by senior clients and sending that data to NFESH for analysis -- just how much food they are actually wasting. Realization of the fact of waste is the first step. The second is to take action to correct it. That is what happens when SNPs begin to implement the specific recommendations that NFESH provides to them for changing their procedures.

All of this is important, of course, because big food purchasers, such as these SNPs, schools, and restaurants, can be big wasters. Focusing on the “big boys” tends to make us forget this small but significant fact: we are all food wasters. The facts bear that out. Statistics show that every American household wastes food. That means we are all tossing precious resources out with the garbage; and when that occurs, we aren’t doing the environment doing any favors either.

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