Rouzer Language Included in House Passed H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act

Government and Politics

March 30, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, with the support of Congressman David Rouzer (NC-07), the House passed H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act.  Included in H.R. 1 is Congressman Rouzer's bill to improve the water quality certification process and prevent the Clean Water Act Section 401 process from being weaponized to block important energy infrastructure projects.

Historically, H.R. 1 through H.R. 10 have signaled a Speaker’s legislative priorities to improve the lives of the American people, making the Lower Energy Costs Act all the more significant.

"Low cost, reliable energy is fundamental to prosperity, and I'm proud the House passed H.R. 1 which includes my bill to help ensure the development of our nation’s energy infrastructure at a time when it is most necessary," said Rep. Rouzer.  "American energy production and distribution is under tremendous assault, and this bill ensures America can build the energy infrastructure necessary to responsibly utilize our natural resources, unleash American energy independence, and lower costs for all."


H.R. 1 was produced by the Committees on Energy and Commerce, Natural Resources, and Transportation and Infrastructure.  Policies included in the energy package can be broken down into several broad categories: 

Increasing American Energy Production

Increasing the Production and Processing of Critical Minerals

Streamlining Energy Infrastructure and Exports

Broad Permitting Reform

Government Accountability

The Water Quality Certification and Energy Projects Improvement Act, included in H.R. 1, promotes the development of the Nation’s energy infrastructure by streamlining the permitting process under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act and clarifying Section 401’s focus on water quality.  You can find more information here.