September is Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad Month!

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September 5, 2018

From: Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad

Mayor Raddest Issue Proclamation of September as Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad Month

During last night’s Common Council meeting, Summit Mayor Nora Radest issued a Proclamation of September as “Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad Month” in the City, acknowledging the squad and its all-volunteer membership for more than 55 years of dedicated service to the Summit community.  “The Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad members have given an untold number of hours of service to Summit residents and patrons of our businesses, medical institutions and stores,” said Mayor Radest.  In addition to lauding the support of health and safety provided to Summit, the Mayor also noted the extraordinary service provided both in Summit as well as in Hoboken on September 11, 2001 when 45 Squad volunteers mobilized to assist decontamination and treatment of people returning from New York that day. “The dedication and hard work of the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad members provides quality services at no cost to the patient or taxpayer, saving the City of Summit approximately two million dollars per year”, the Mayor concluded.

Several squad members were on hand as Squad President John Buscaino and Chief Kari Phair accepted the Proclamation and a few of them quickly departed Council chambers to answer an emergency call.

Founded in 1962, the Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad serves as the City’s primary Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency, answering 9-1-1 medical calls 24-hours a day as well as providing stand-by coverage at community and sporting events, non-emergency medical transport for Summit residents, community safety and health training and frequent mutual aid assistance to surrounding towns. Staffed entirely by volunteers and funded solely through private contributions, the Squad operates 3 fully equipped ambulances, a first response truck, a special operations trailer and one of New Jersey first EMS bike teams. 

The Squad receives no tax dollars and thanks to the generosity of the Summit community, provides all services free of charge.  Since 1962, neither their patients nor the taxpayers have ever received a bill. Most of the squad’s funding is raised during the annual fund drive appeal which will be mailed to each residence and business in Summit during the month of September.

The all-volunteer First Aid Squad has 65 adult members, 22 junior members and is always looking for new members to join its ranks. All needed training, uniforms and equipment is provided. For information on becoming a volunteer, please call 908-277-9479, or visit their web site at: