Share and Celebrate Local Green Initiatives

Government and Politics

March 13, 2014

AmericanTowns has just launched GreenTowns.com, a new network to connect and celebrate local green initiatives and their leaders, in Fairfield and across the country.

With support from Reader's Digest and other media partners, GreenTowns makes it easy for residents of Fairfield to share successful green initiatives with their community, and gives these efforts broader visibility across the country. GreenTowns also connects people who care about sustainability, at the local level and between towns, so the best ideas and expertise can be shared.

GreenTowns begins by letting anyone submit local green initiatives they like, at www.greentowns.com/submit. Each accepted initiative is featured on GreenTowns.com in its town and in nearby towns. It may also be included as a featured initiative in the GreenTowns homepage, category page, blog and/or twitter feed; and it is considered for inclusion in the Reader's Digest Power of One series celebrating "hometown heroes", and on the Power of One website at PowerOfOne.americantowns.com. Initiatives can also be featured on AmericanTowns.com, and are included in the GreenTowns map of green efforts across the 50 states.

Fairfield residents can also go to www.greentowns.com/register to receive periodic updates from GreenTowns on local green initiatives, new ideas in their chosen area of interest and on GreenTowns progress. Or they can be connected with others who care about green in their community by signing up for the email-based Join the Conversation in their town.

To find out more about local sustainability efforts, or to help the Fairfield green community be connected and informed, visit www.greentowns.com. Together, we can build sustainable communities, and a green America.