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August 15, 2019

From: Sierra House Inc

On a sunny afternoon on July 24, volunteers from Meal A Day came to the Sierra House. They hosted a musical-instrument-making activity for the children residents, allowing the adult residents' time to connect with one another while learning techniques for keeping a house clean.

The children were the focus of the Meal A Day volunteers, who sat beside the children outside and showed them how to make drums and rain-makers using empty coffee tins, Pringles containers, and dry pasta. The children eagerly decorated their own instruments with brightly colored construction paper, stickers, markers, and patterned tape.

The children had fun being creative and proudly enjoyed their finished products by experimenting with the sounds and beats that they could make. While the grown-ups were bonding, so were the children: making jokes, learning how to share materials, and admiring each other's' creations.

It was a pleasure to have the Meal A Day team at the Sierra House.