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June 7, 2013

From: My King Studio Of Dance

Steve Spear is running across America to raise money and bring awareness to the desperate need for clean water in Africa (see story). Local student Samantha Miller heard about his efforts and decided she could do something to help. 

Samantha started the homeschool group, the Titus Project, with the idea that they would do small service projects around the community and then one larger service project each year that would have more of a global impact. She heard about Steve Spears’ lofty ambition to run across America and raise awareness and 1.5 million dollars to get running water, sanitation, etc. to a village in Africa. She knew that was the project for which God was calling students in the Titus Project to raise money.

They organized a craft fair and a garage sale. The amount raised from these events was about $900. All of The Titus Project profits this year go directly to World Vision’s Running For Water.

Samantha also dances with My King Studio of Dance in O’Fallon (www.mykingstudio.com), and every year at their dance concert the studio allows a flower sales table to benefit a worthy cause. In years past, sales have benefited ‘Nothing but Nets,’ boy scout troops, the Churchill School, and more. This year, Samantha’s group took the reins. With about 1,800 people either dancing in or watching the shows, they knew it’d be a big job, but also knew it could really have an impact. As a result of flower sales, Miller raised an additional $860 for clean water.

The kids will collectively pray about and choose another worthy mission/cause at the end of the summer. If people would like the Titus Project to consider helping them with a long term or short term project during the 2013 – 2014 school year, they can be contacted at titusproject2012@gmail.com or through their facebook page -www.facebook.com/TheTitusProject