Student Video Combats Cyberbullying

Schools and Libraries

June 20, 2014

            Working in cooperation with Cablevision's Power to Learn, fifth-graders at West Elementary School in Long Beach took part in the filming of a video to help combat cyberbullying. Students created posters and performed original skits and songs to send the message home that cyberbullying is not cool. To view the video, visit http://www.powertolearn.com/events/2014/internet_smarts/west/index.shtml

            Prior to making the video, students used materials from Power to Learn's Internet Smarts program in their health classes as a springboard to discuss issues concerning cyberbullying and the appropriate use of social media. Students were guided by health teacher, Larry Lopez, with the support of teacher-in-charge Donna Fee, social worker Stacey Durnan and school psychologist Mariana Rotenberg. They discussed password protection, "tricky" people, and how words that are use as texts and on social media sites can remain there forever. Students were also cautioned to be selective about what they post on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites to safeguard them from predators who visit these sites looking for unsuspecting children.

            "The students had a great deal to offer during our discussions," said Principal Sandy Schneider. "Most of our students own cell phones and 50 percent of them say they are not closely monitored by their parents. It is important for parents to give their children independence, but they should still take an active role in monitoring their digital communications."