Summer Enrichment at Long Beach Public Schools

Schools and Libraries

August 8, 2013



SCOPE Education Services, in cooperation with Long Beach Public Schools, introduced a summer enrichment program for students who will be entering grades one through six in September. Through this program, students were exposed to creative ways to expand their learning while having fun. The courses, which were offered in two-week sessions, included Reader’s Theater, Math Wizards, Math Mania, Mad Scientist, Experiments with Science, Books by Us and Newspaper Club.

Students participated in hands-on science adventures by exploring rocket science using balloons attached to zip lines, making papier-mâché globes as part of a study of the earth’s atmosphere, and testing the density of common household products by creating liquid rainbows. Exploring the world of numbers, students used picture books, dice and creative games to practice the mathematical concepts of time, money, geometry, multiplication and problem-solving. They also flexed their reading and writing muscles through theater presentations, cartooning, and by creating their own books, newspapers and magazines.