Teacher Welcomes 4th Grade Students With a Song

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September 1, 2016

If you're a kid and you hear someone say "having fun can be cool when we're following the rules," your first reaction might be to roll your eyes in disbelief, but not when the words are lyrics from a catchy song created by your new fourth grade teacher!

Dwayne Reed came up with a modern way to welcome his students to class this year he created a music video and a fun song to demonstrate all the things his students will be learning about in class this year.

Science, Math, English. It will all be covered, but you get the sense it won't be dry. Mr. Reed is going to try some of his ideas, "like making songs to remember what you hear." It's his first year teaching and he is super excited. He can't wait to meet his class and he promises "he will always greet you with a smile and try to make class worthwhile."

Mr. Reed is a resident of Chicago and he wants his students to know "he loves eating pizza and he dresses to impress, but he still rocks sneakers" (just like you!).

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