Team Castelli Weekly Newsletter - August 13, 2022

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August 17, 2022

From the Trail

Last week Team Castelli knocked over 500 doors in St. Lawrence County and Plattsburgh and called over 16,000 voters! On Saturday, Matt joined volunteers in knocking in St. Lawrence County followed by joining the St Lawrence County Dems for the the Waddington Homecoming Parade. On Sunday, Matt knocked with volunteers in Plattsburgh before meeting with voters at the Franklin County Fair. 

This week Matt attended the Fulton County Office for Aging annual picnic where he served meals, before heading to Amsterdam for our second Town Hall (check out the video below!). 

The Primary is only 11 days away and voters in New York District 21 are already voting absentee or heading to the polls this coming weekend to vote early. Talk to your friends and neighbors about voting for Castelli in the Primary and what is at stake now and in November. Be sure to make a plan to vote today. 

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On Thursday, August 11, 2022 Matt Castelli held his second Town Hall in Amsterdam.

A Call to Action

We are only 11 days from our very important primary on August 23. Many folks have asked what they can do to help in our fight against Elise Stefanik and right now we have a real opportunity to get engaged and turn out the vote. 

The Castelli Campaign is seeking volunteers to join us in phone banking shifts and calling likely voters. We host these virtually meaning you can make calls from your own home! Phonebanking Shifts:

August 14, 16, 17, 21, 22, and 23.
5-8 pm on weekdays and 4-7 pm Sundays.
Sign Up Today! https://www.mobilize.us/castelliforcongress/event/483135/

Turning out the vote for the 23rd is the first proof point to show Stefanik just how fired up and ready to win the people of NY-21 are!

Help spread the word about Castelli and our upcoming primary on August 23rd. 

Social Media

We've been getting our message out on social media. Be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for the most up to date items from the campaign.

This week we focused on the Case for Castelli, turning out the early & absentee vote, and Elise Stefanik's current rhetoric around the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago.

In the Press

We've been getting our message out in the press as well:

August 12, 2022, Gloversville Leader Herald Castelli touts 'country-over-party' message at town hall in Amsterdam
Matt Castelli, D-Glens Falls, shared three things he would do if elected to the U.S. House of Representatives this November at a town hall Thursday night at the Horace J. Inman Center in Amsterdam.

August 11, 2022, WCAX3: Primary Preview: Meet the 2 NY Democrats vying to take on Elise Stefanik

“If I’ve learned anything throughout my career of public service, it’s that when it comes to protecting this country, protecting our community, my family, your family, it requires us to put country before party and my belief in that has never waivered,” Castelli said.

He says the January 6th insurrection and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik’s response to it was the tipping point that made him want to run for office. “How she turned her back on democracy has continued to, I believe, violate her oath to the Constitution and I think she poses a unique direct threat,” Castelli said.

August 8, 2022 NNY360 Candidates visit Franklin County Fair
Click here to see photos from the fair.

August 9, 2022, NBC5 "New Yorkers to choose who runs against Elise Stefanik in this month's primary election"
“How do we pay for health care, how do we access it? We have significant distances, we’ve got clinics that have been closing, lack of primary care, lack of childcare. So when we expand this definition of care, it's not just about our health care, it’s about our mental health,” he said.

New Yorkers can look up polling site locations on the New York Board of Elections website.

Looking Ahead

RSVP for Pat Ryan and Matt Castelli Canvass Launch
Saturday 8/13

RSVP for the Rally with Matt Castelli and Former Congressman Bill Owens
Sunday 8/14

With only 87 days until Election Day in November there is no time to waste. Get involved today by reaching out to field@castelliforcongress.com

Join us in our weekly phone banking, making sure people know about the upcoming August 23rd primary. Sign up here!

See you out on the trail!

Team Castelli

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