The Beasley Beat: Cheri Beasley for North Carolina’s Weekly Newsletter - August 13, 2022

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August 17, 2022

It’s been an exciting week for us here on the campaign trail. Check out what Cheri has been up to below.

Cheri Travels to Richmond and Anson Counties As She Continues Her Standing Up for North Carolina Tour!

As Cheri continues her “Standing Up for North Carolina” tour this week, she made stops in Richmond and Anson counties to hold community conversations with voters. Cheri listened to voter concerns and discussed her commitment to standing up for rural communities to strengthen local economies and public school systems, and lower costs.

Cheri Canvasses with Volunteers in Raleigh!

This week, Cheri canvassed with volunteers in Raleigh and visited several small businesses in the area to hear from voters and to discuss what is at stake in this election. Cheri knocked on doors in southeast Raleigh, and visited White’s Barber Shop and Barber Zone Barber Shop to meet with small business owners and customers to discuss how she can best support them in the U.S. Senate.

Cheri Speaks Out on Abortion Rights for North Carolinians

Cheri joined Zerlina Maxwell on MSNBC’s The Last Word to highlight her commitment to protecting abortion rights for North Carolinians following Kansas’ overwhelming vote to protect this freedom.

Watch the interview here.

News Outlets Highlight Cheri’s Wide-Reaching Campaign with a “Go Everywhere” Strategy

This week outlets recognized Cheri’s work to engage a variety of North Carolina communities in her “Standing Up for North Carolina” tour, including rural areas that are typically overlooked by candidates in other statewide races.

North Carolina Policy Watch reported Cheri is running as a "different kind of Democrat," with a savvy “go everywhere” strategy. NC Policy Watch highlighted her engagement across the state is unique, as she visits the state’s “urban centers,” but also dedicates much of her time to “town halls and meet and greets in small towns and rural zip codes not often visited by statewide candidates.

NC Policy Watch highlighted Cheri’s focus on “kitchen table issues” and “effectiveness over partisanship” as she received “effusive” welcomes from voters in communities that “went solidly Republican in 2020.” NC Policy Watch also emphasized that Cheri “isn’t relying on the historic nature of her candidacy” to earn support from Black voters, rather she works hard for every vote and builds genuine connections with communities, as she recently “canvassed in African-American neighborhoods and dropped in for talks at barbershops.

The Charlotte Observer also reported on Cheri’s campaign “criss-crossing North Carolina” focusing on rural counties that “often feel neglected by statewide campaigns.” The reporting highlighted voters who held a firm belief that Cheri “will fight for rural areas” and see Cheri as “a very common sense, grounded person, unlike people on one extreme or the other.

The Charlotte Observer noted the “tightening Senate race” in North Carolina, is “one of the few battleground states that could determine the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.” The outlet also highlighted that “FiveThirtyEight found the two candidates are now separated by just .3%” in polling overall, noting Cheri’s “current strategy could lead her to Washington, D.C.

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