The Compact 25th and Swim for Life Update - April 11, 2018

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April 13, 2018

From: Provincetown Community Compact

We are riding the wave of predictably unpredictable weather! After all, it's New England! We hope you are all cozy and safe wherever you may be. The tranquility of Provincetown this winter, however, was shattered by the damaging floods in town and at the beaches, and the violence in the country. But the forsythia has bloomed!

Thank you all for our most successful 2017 Swim for Life - 421 swimmers! Special thanks to our volunteers, boaters, kayakers and business sponsors and donors - who donated $10,000 in prizes!


- We are excited about celebrating The Compact 's 25th anniversary. The Provincetown Community Compact was formed by me in 1993 to sponsor the Swim and to nurture the the culture, environment and economy of the Lower Cape.

- I'll be writing The Compact Chronicles, telling the story of The Compact, our projects and the town through my personal lens

- Compact board member, Arthur Richter, organized a Swim in Mexico this winter!

- Specials on 2017 Swim t-shirts - and some from other years. Order here.

- The Compact is offering grant awards to Provincetown and Truro residents in honor of our 25th. Deadline June 15. Contact us at

The Compact is looking forward to our 25th year and the 31st Swim for Life, September 8, 2018. Please join us.

Jay Critchley