The Delicious Story of Madison's Food

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June 9, 2015

The History Press will add Madison Food: A History of Capital Cuisine to its American Palate series on Monday, June 22. Local authors and food bloggers Nichole Fromm and JonMichael Rasmus detail the contemporary food scene, but also include details of historic restaurants. This 208-page book includes a 16-page color insert and directory of restaurants.
Madison's savory ascent as a culinary destination pairs its rich tradition of homegrown bounty with a progressively wider international palate. Sample the fare of Mad City staples like Ella's Deli, Mickies Dairy Bar and the Plaza. Enjoy tales of legendary eateries of yore, such as Cleveland's, the Fess and Ovens of Brittany. Visit the farmer's markets that feed the capital city and the unions that have struggled to represent dishwashers and waiters. Slide into a booth with the visionaries who nurtured Madison's food culture, from Gully to Guthrie and Peck to Piper. Food enthusiasts Nichole Fromm and JonMichael Rasmus share a taste of the unique ingredients spread across Madison's evolving table.

Highlights include:

  • The complete story of the Ovens of Brittany, the restaurant that led the transformation of Madison's restaurant scent from average to amazing
  • Dane County Farmer's Market's role in fostering food culture
  • The story of Carson Gulley, one of America's first celebrity chefs