The LaRouche Organization Weekly Newsletter - December 4, 2022

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December 5, 2022

As December begins, a month which is usually reserved for relaxing and celebrating, the world is entering what is likely the most tumultuous period in modern history.

NATO nations are increasing their supply of weapons to Ukraine, while only nominally suggesting "peace talks." All the while Russia continues to pound Ukrainian cities and infrastructure with missile strikes, directly in response to the NATO military aid, and readies an invasion force that numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and possibly as much as half a million. 

An endless spiral of death is being concretized. Meanwhile, the use of tactical, low-yield nuclear weapons as a response is increasingly discussed among Western nations—nations which are the true aggressors in the war against Russia.

The situation is ripe for new provocations, escalations, and crises, any of which can bring the world closer to the brink of all-out thermonuclear war. At what point will we cross that threshold? Who is looking out for that? Whatever happens, this will not be a calm and peaceful holiday this year. 

The LaRouche Organization has launched an all-out mobilization this week. This is not simply to pull the world back from this dangerous brink, but to spark a debate on what the underlying principles for a post-geopolitical order must be—one that actually secures a lasting peace. Helga Zepp-LaRouche has enunciated Ten Principles for consideration and debate which we put forward for your immediate attention. 

It is our view that the resolution of this crisis, and the creation of a movement to do so, can not adequately be unified negatively—by the desire to prevent nuclear annihilation. While obviously essential, a positive, principled notion of what actually should comprise a world of sovereign but widely-differing nation-states, is required.

It is also our view that mankind is at a point where this discussion is actually possible, if enough courageous thought-leaders choose to lead it. 

Therefore, work with us in this endeavor, and spend some of your Sunday studying the material below. Your life very well may depend on it.

These principles should serve as a point of wide discussion, and can be thought of as a tool for correcting the collective dumbing-down of Western societies. These Ten Principles, proposed by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, discuss how to establish a durable strategic and development architecture for the world, without which it cannot survive, even over the very short term.

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Helga Zepp-LaRouche Featured on CGTN

"So the countries of the West will have to make a choice in the coming period, either they will stick to their ideologically motivated policies and become increasingly marginalized, or they will remind themselves of their better traditions and decide to cooperate with the emerging new economic order."

Mrs. LaRouche was featured in a CGTN segment this week where she hit hard at the reality facing the Western world.

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Experts Debunk the Wishful Fantasy that "Ukraine Is Winning"

Two events attended by leaders of the NATO/Trans-Atlantic military bloc November 30 exposed the dangerous delusional thinking—which asserts that Ukraine is winning and Russia losing—which underlies the commitment to extend the present war in Ukraine to a "permanent war."

This was the consistent theme of the warlords who gathered at the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting in Bucharest, and was reflected in remarks made to European Union bureaucrats by European Council President Ursula von der Leyen, who called for convening a "war crimes tribunal" to try Russian leaders, and advocated using the money illegally seized from Russian bank accounts as a reparation fund to rebuild Ukraine. At both events, the overtly hawkish language made a mockery of their self-conception, that they are the "good guys" who are acting on higher principles, rather than a criminal gang wielding military might to crush opposition to their Unipolar Order.

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Ten Principles to Save a Self-Doomed Civilization

In today’s dying Anglosphere, where mass killing by war is touted as the only efficient policy for ending war, it is incumbent upon the forces of The LaRouche Organization and the Schiller Institute to seize the occasion of this Advent season (the time period spanning the four Sundays prior to Christmas) to reawaken in the trans-Atlantic nations a commitment to the once-celebrated mission of Christian civilization: the voluntary redemption of mankind, without guilt, and without recrimination.

Ten Principles to establish a just and global security and development architecture have been proposed by Helga Zepp-LaRouche. These principles "must be discussed and if agreed upon be realized. These ideas are meant to be food for thought and a dialogue among all people concerned to find a basis for a world order guaranteeing the durable existence of the human species."

Surprisingly, the method by which this world harmony may be achieved is expressed in Classical musical compositions, such as the Dona Nobis Pacem. A proposal has been made by organizers to make Dona Nobis Pacem the international anthem for a movement to end war through economic prosperity and a cultural renaissance.

Speakers: Bill Ferguson, John Sigerson, and others

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