The LaRouche Organization Weekly Newsletter - July 4, 2022

Government and Politics

July 5, 2022

In four years from July 4th, the United States will celebrate the 250th anniversary of its inception, on July 4, 2026. On July 4th, as you (hopefully) reflect on this anniversary of our nation's independence, ask yourself: What mission is calling upon me today—as another mission had called upon and inspired our founding fathers nearly 250 years ago? If future history were looking back at July 4, 2022, from 250 years in the future, how would it judge those on the stage of today's history? 

Over the past week, the duality of the world situation was put on sharp display. On one hand were those future-looking nations of the world convened at this years BRICS+ meeting, who spoke of a new era of economic development for all, the ending of poverty and hunger in every nation, and a new economic architecture which declares its independence from the grip of the global financial elite. On the other hand were those backward-looking nations convened at the G7 and NATO summits, who spoke hysterically of defending an old and bankrupt system, even though it is clearly failing and being rejected by the majority of the world. 

The true United States should also be declaring independence from this imperial architecture today, as we so powerfully did many years ago. Instead, we have become the leading defenders of it, having been induced to forget our true identity by the modern-day British Empire. As LaRouche Independent candidate for Senate in New York said in a statement issued this week: “Any honest patriot will admit that our beloved nation is now the perpetrator of the very acts of unjust barbarism which the British Empire had imposed on the thirteen original colonies, and for which we fought a war to liberate ourselves."

And every mouthpiece of group-think is attempting to prevent us from recognizing this, and to stay endlessly embroiled in distractions and nonsense, like Roe v. Wade and the January 6 side-show.

Instead, take this Independence Day as an opportunity to bring the United States back into accord with her true intention, and seize that historic mission facing us today: the worldwide elimination of oligarchism once and for all!

This question was taken up powerfully in July 3rd's Schiller Institute conference, "This July 4: Declare For A New Bretton Woods!" We encourage you to watch the event in full. Also, join the mobilization for a new, just economic order, encapsulated in the recent call issued by Helga Zepp-LaRouche for a New Bretton Woods.

We Must Evoke the Better Angels of our Nature:

In a special broadcast yesterday, Helga Zepp-LaRouche was joined by Diane Sare in a moving call-to-arms to revive the best of the American tradition. While blame-games abound in accusing the leaders or former leaders in government for all the problems we're experiencing, it must be acknowledged that the problem is much more pervasive than that. Mass-shootings, record drug overdoses, gross wealth inequality—one must be humbled by the breakdown at nearly every level of society around us. Of course for most, you don't need to be reminded, it's obvious.

The good news is that we can solve this problem. The LaRouche movement is playing an absolutely unique role, and we encourage you to watch the event if you haven't already. Join our mobilization for a New Bretton Woods, and lets create a new Renaissance and evoke that divine spark in every mind.

Watch here

Call for an Ad-Hoc Committee for a New Bretton Woods System

Coming out of a discussion during the June 18-19 Schiller Institute conference, Helga Zepp-LaRouche initiated a call for a New Bretton Woods agreement among the world's leading nations, before the current bankrupt trans-Atlantic system crosses the point of no return. In the last week, over 100 prominent signers from around the world have added their names. It begins:

"The neoliberal system is hopelessly bankrupt. But Western governments, rather than drawing the consequences of this fact, and fundamentally reorganizing the system, have escalated the confrontation with their alleged systemic competitors, Russia and China. This has led, as a result of NATO’s five-fold expansion eastward, to a reverse Cuban Missile Crisis and to a war in the middle of Europe which could potentially escalate into a nuclear Third World War."

Read more and add your name here

This July 4th, Declare Independence from Insanity!

Sare and campaign activists submitting over 66,000 signatures to get on the ballot last month in Albany, NY

Diane Sare, running for Senate against New York's Chuck Schumer as a LaRouche party Independent, released a special July 4th statement this week where she called for U.S. to return to sanity. In it she states, "thanks to our subservience to the City of London, Wall Street and Hollywood, not to mention our lying, misnamed 'intelligence agencies,' our government, as typified by Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, has been recaptured by that Empire from which we declared our independence 246 years ago."

Sare and her campaign are in a mobilization to get out 100,000 of these statements across New York over the 4th of July. 

Read the statement and help circulate it here

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