The LaRouche Organization Weekly Newsletter - June 12, 2022

Government and Politics

June 13, 2022

You have likely noticed by now the many attempts being made to "explain away" what is happening with inflation and the US economy. Some debate whether it is transitory or long-term, while others debate whether it is Putin's fault or Biden's. We at the LaRouche Organization think the fools speaking in this way should plainly be ignored.

To state it as clearly as possible: This is not an inflationary crisis nor a supply chain crisis—we are in the midst of the blowout of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system. And only once one faces that reality, can something be done about it.

This is precisely why the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche are at the center of history on June 12, 2022. Will we apply his economic principles, and bring the world into a new era of sovereign nation-states practicing higher and higher levels of scientific, productive, and cultural advancement? Or will the whirlpool of hyperinflation, moral indifference, and ideological hysteria **** the world down into a new Dark Age? 

If you have not already heard about the upcoming Schiller Institute conference next weekend, June 18-19, please see below and RSVP. This will be an event you won't want to miss.

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The Culture of Sovereignty Is the Antidote to War

This week's Saturday Manhattan Project Meeting acted as a prelude to next weekend's Schiller Institute Conference, and discussed how LaRouche’s Four Economic Laws are the only way to establish true sovereignty worldwide, through the inalienable right to economic growth. 

"There is no in-between, no intermediate state: either a country is sovereign, or it is a colony, no matter what the colonies are called,” said Putin in St. Petersburg this week to a conference of young engineers and scientists, in reference to the grotesque charade many nations are putting on in order to appear subservient to Global NATO. Instead, an international congress must be convened to establish, not an arbitrarily decreed "rules-based order," but a community of principle in pursuit of a common culture of sovereignty. 

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The Courage to Transcend Zeus

On this week's Fireside Chat, we were joined by New York Senate candidate Diane Sare. Sare, running against “Killer Chuck” Schumer "as he styles himself," is insisting that peace must come with agreements for a new international system of credit and economic development. When she announced her independent campaign had actually met New York’s new and intentionally impossible ballot requirements (45,000 signatures!), Sare said “We did not allow arbitrary new rules of an arrogant, self-defined oligarchy be used to silence people, at a moment when we are facing deadly hyperinflation and possible thermonuclear war.”

This is a huge victory for the LaRouche Movement and especially gives the world hope that there is sanity in the United States.

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New Weekly Show: The World Land-Bridge Show

We are excited to announce a new weekly program of the LaRouche Organization, with a special focus on youth. The World Land-Bridge Show will be live-streamed on Youtube and Facebook every Monday at 8 pm Eastern time, and includes a top-down strategic briefing and then a discussion of the various interventions and activities the LaRouche Movement is involved in—particularly from our younger activists. 

Our show last week featured a promo for a brand new documentary on the truth behind the Malthusian policy known as the Green New Deal and Great Reset. Tune in and share with any younger people you know.

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