The LaRouche Organization Weekly Newsletter - May 15, 2022

Government and Politics

May 16, 2022

“Today the divide is not between democracies and autocracies, but it is very clearly between the former and present colonialist powers, and the formerly colonized countries—the Global South—which represents more than 80% of the world population.” - Helga Zepp-LaRouche, May 7, 2022

Developments of the past week, much as a pendulum swings, vacillated between two contrary directions in which the world is being pulled. Let us examine a sampling of these occurrences.

Last weekend, at an online conference of youth aged 18-35, and Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the integration of youthful participants into this concerted effort for a new international security and development architecture brought an entirely new dimension and outlook to the realization of this task. With or without the war danger, Zepp-LaRouche challenged the participants to think about the type of world which will exist 50-75 years ahead of them, and how to become a catalyst for determining that world in which they will live. They therefore become preoccupied with productively changing the world of today for a better tomorrow. The dialogue between Zepp-LaRouche and these youthful minds from 28 countries, revealed a keen concern for reversing the heightened threat of nuclear war, now on a hair trigger in Ukraine due to escalating promises of lethal weapons of annihilation from especially Washington, D.C.

LaRouche associates launched a national and international citizens' mobilization to contact and pressure every representative and parliamentarian with messages of informed opposition to increasing funds to fuel the war in Ukraine. The mobilization is intent on severely disrupting, undercutting, and ultimately putting a halt to the "dismember Russia" crusade spawned by Atlanticist-financial interests. These LaRouche citizens "truth brigades" are demanding that their representatives adopt a Westphalian alternative to war, based upon the collaboration of leading nations to industrialize the developing world, and revitalize American cities via technological innovations such as fusion power. Such a solution-oriented message to counter war is the only way out of this crisis, and in this way our constituent-contact activity, noticeably, goes beyond a mere anti-war message. This points toward the means to dissipate ongoing hostilities which risk the extinction of civilization in a nuclear showdown.

Zepp-LaRouche carried the initiative to growing audiences in Asia and beyond, in a lively debate on Pakistan's PTV this week.

Readers of this newsletter will appreciate the fact that something of a revolution is taking place in Italy. The statement of Former NATO Commander General Fabio Mini, to dissolve and replace NATO because it presents a threat to world security, when the world is already on the brink of WWIII, indicates something of this process. Further, opposition is growing within the Italian government, even leading to Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s reluctance to follow the US headlong into war in his meeting with President Biden this week. This is resonant with the broad, sweeping criticisms issued by American Col. (ret.) Richard H. Black covered on this website and receiving extraordinary attention in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere abroad on various media platforms.

A Global Times editorial echoes the official perspective of the Chinese government in denouncing Japan’s signing of the Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) with Britain. "…It seems Tokyo wants to be the ‘traitorous guide’ for NATO’s expansion in the Asian-Pacific region…" and includes that such a slavish move "…will easily make people recall the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in the 20th century..." during the Second World War.

On a more promising note, musicians, artists and intellectuals worldwide are mobilizing to oppose the military buildup in Ukraine and the ensuing cultural war on all things Russian. This is exemplified by two recent initiatives from Germany and Greece, where culturally-focused citizens are challenging the depravity of the Western-led war. The Schiller Institute's petition for a new Westphalian system represents this in its strongest form, and continues to grow.

We conclude this report with reference to Minal Khan's of Pakistan Point interview with NY Schiller Institute Choral director Jen Pearl, which presents an inspiring view of the role of culture in uniting the world’s diverse cultures as the one humanity.

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