The LaRouche Organization Weekly Newsletter - November 27, 2022

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November 28, 2022

In her weekly webcast this week, Helga Zepp-LaRouche said that NATO and Russia are already at war with each other, and that those who are trying to force Russia to back down are "playing with the existence of civilization." This comes only a week after Ukrainian missiles killed two people in Poland, for which Russia was blamed—almost triggering a full-scale response by NATO against Russia. 

World War III was narrowly escaped last week. Will another similar scenario find us so lucky?

Nations and people around the world are rejecting inevitable war as a conclusion—as well as the unipolar, oligarchic world-view it is based on—as can be seen in near daily reports. Of note, last weekend saw the failure of this year's COP27, otherwise dubbed "FLOP27," as resistance to the demanded de-industrialization spreads more widely across the Global South. 

At the same time, support is fracturing among European nations who have been ordered to "Freeze for Freedom" by opposing all things Russian. Some of those most outspoken against this policy were heard at the Schiller Institute's conference this last week.

Can such an existential crisis become a catalyst in the creation of a movement for a new paradigm of relations among nations—and thereby pull the world back from the brink of Word War III?

The LaRouche movement hosted a discussion last week which made a substantial contribution toward this end. The Schiller Institute's conference, "Stop the Danger of Nuclear War Now," put this question squarely on the table, as well as outlined what steps must be taken to address the causes of the war and economic crisis. 

Helga Zepp-LaRouche concluded her webcast this week with the following comments:

"This is a period when a large amount of what happens will depend on the subjective factor: Objectively, we are both at the verge of World War III, but we are also on the verge of a completely new system. But which way it will go I think will depend on the energy and number of people who are fighting for a better world system.

"So join our efforts."

 A New Peace of Westphalia is Needed

Helga Zepp-LaRouche issued a direct challenge to viewers today, that they join the discussion process underway around what she presented as 10 Principles of a new security and development architecture as a matter of utmost urgency. There is a "daily escalation" of the war danger, she said, citing Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova, who said the war in Ukraine is now a war "between NATO and Russia."

The process around our mobilization is "exploding," she said, as increasing numbers of officials have become fearful that world war looms, unless there is a serious effort to end the NATO escalation against Russia. Our work must take people to higher level, exemplified by Nicholas of Cusa’s "Coincidence of Opposites." This means returning to the ideas of the Peace of Westphalia, in which sovereign nations act on the basis of recognition of the legitimate interests of the other—which means not just the absence of war, but the eradication of poverty.

Watch here

Current and Former Elected Officials Declare: We Must End the Danger of War

The list of speakers was enormous, totaling over two dozen from around the world. But it was crystal clear throughout the event that there are serious and passionate leaders around the world who flatly reject the cynical view that we must accept the risk of a nuclear war with Russia.

If you haven't yet seen the event, we encourage you to do so, and take inspiration from the growing coalition we are building. If you have seen it, share it around and show it to others—they will thank you for it.

Watch here

Ten Principles of a New International Security and Development Architecture — H. Zepp-LaRouche

"The new paradigm which will be characteristic of the new epoch, and towards which the new global security and development architecture must be directed, must eliminate the concept of oligarchism for good, and proceed to organize the political order in such a way, that the true character of humanity as the creative species can be realized.

"Therefore, I suggest that the following principles must be discussed and if agreed upon, be realized. These ideas are meant to be food for thought and a dialogue among all people concerned to find a basis for a world order guaranteeing the durable existence of the human species."

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How To Change The Axioms That Lead To War

What really is behind the drive to war? Can you understand it simply through a chain of events in the lead-up to the conflict in Ukraine? Or is there more to it, than perhaps meets the eye?

Given how dramatically the escalation around this war has in fact occurred, who is to say whether the next stop for the whole human race will not be the next thing that "definitely can’t happen"—thermonuclear war?

Tune in to this week's Manhattan Project with guest Harley Schlanger.

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