The LaRouche Organization Weekly Newsletter - October 2, 2022

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October 3, 2022

Sept. 26, 2022, the day that the two Nord Stream gas pipelines were sabotaged in an act of international terrorism—will go down in history as a decisive turning point in the global strategic situation. Either that event will be the opening shot in a rapidly escalating series of U.S.-U.K.-NATO extreme provocations against Russia—up to and including actually launching tactical nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory, which would then be blamed on Russia, and which NATO would then “respond to” with nuclear strikes against Russia itself. Or, the stunning implications of the Nord Stream sabotage will serve to wake up sufficient forces in the United States and Europe to derail the current drive by the Western Establishment for end-game confrontation with Russia and China.

That, in turn, would open the door to serious international deliberation on a new security and development paradigm to provide for Mankind’s continuing progress.

One way or the other, the issue will be decided in a matter of weeks—not years.

Earlier in the week, Helga Zepp-LaRouche warned of the extreme danger of the situation, and called on people to step into reality. “Things are about to go awfully wrong,” Zepp-LaRouche warned. We have two high-speed trains—nuclear trains—barreling towards each other, and there will be a train wreck unless this is stopped in the next days.

She concluded with a stark warning: “We have to go into a full Red Alert mobilization. If there are no significant voices of dissent coming from the United States, this itself becomes a factor in Moscow’s strategic assessment.”

We must transform the debate now. The perception abroad that there are almost no voices of sanity in the United States, or at least not sufficiently-influential voices to stop nuclear annihilation, must be changed. Those voices must be raised now, and loudly—voices that understand that there is a basis for a negotiated solution to the Ukrainian crisis, built around a new international security and development architecture, that takes into consideration the needs of all nations.

Prominent Russians realize, and have said so publicly, that the voice of Lyndon LaRouche has been essential as the needed idea-giver for such a mutually beneficial policy. Let us not miss this moment of opportunity.

Red Alert Mobilization

Halt Nuclear WWIII Drive: Abolish New Goebbels Propaganda Ops

The civilization-ending danger of nuclear devastation is greater than at any moment in human history. But telling the truth is forbidden. The Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation and the Myrotvorets ("Peacekeepers") websites publish hit-lists of supposed propagators of Kremlin propaganda, labeling anyone who opposes the reckless and irreversible plunge into world war as a Putin puppet.

Will this assault on free speech be defeated?

We have created a new action center for our campaign to shut down the hit-lists and stop the drive to World War III. 

Visit here

FDR’s Post-War Vision, From a LaRouche-Riemann Standpoint

On this week's Fireside Chat, EIR's Gerry Rose joined us for a must-hear discussion on the historic arc leading into today's crisis. As Lyndon LaRouche used to say: God would never have created a crisis so great that mankind would be unable to solve it. But one must be sufficiently prepared to actually do so.

Therefore it is imperative to understand the full scope of the crisis. LaRouche's solution is the only available basis for durable negotiations, not only between Russia and The United States, and China and the United States, but the only available pathway forward from thermonuclear war.

Listen here

Update on War Danger With Diane Sare, Col. Richard Black, and Scott Ritter

Is World War III avoidable? Independent LaRouche Senate candidate in New York, Diane Sare, was joined by Scott Ritter and Col. Richard Black to discuss the greatest threat of nuclear war since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Don't miss this crucial strategic update.

Watch here

LaRouche Organization History Series: 

Contrary to the current lies and propaganda (sometimes called "narratives") emanating from the Western media, the United States and Russia have historically been allies in the common pursuit of scientific progress and in critical world strategic matters. This tradition, which predates the American Revolution and has persisted for more than two centuries, has been perpetuated in more recent times  by the late American economist Lyndon LaRouche.

LaRouche Organization History Team members Bob Wesser and Chris Sare shed further light on this history by detailing Russia's creation of  the League of Armed Neutrality in 1780, which alliance played a crucial role in securing the success of the American Revolution. 

Watch here

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