Tonko Opposes H.R. 5 Bill that Promotes Censorship, LGBT+ Erasure in Schools

Government and Politics

March 24, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC—Representatives Paul D. Tonko today voted NO on H.R. 5, legislation that that would empower an extreme vocal minority to impose their beliefs on all parents and students, undermine vital partnerships between parents and educators, increase book bans and censorship, and target LGBTQI+ students.

“My office and I have heard from students, parents, teachers, school administrators and other concerned constituents expressing their vehement opposition to H.R. 5,” Rep. Tonko said. “This insidious bill opens the door for censorship and book banning, puts the wellbeing of LGBTQI+ students at risk, and shoves the most fringe, extremist views into the classroom. All children deserve access to a safe and affirming school environment, and all parents, including LGBTQI+ parents, have an important role to play in our education system. This bill threatens to unravel those core principles. If Republicans really want to protect our children and making schools a safer place, they should join us in advancing gun safety legislation, and join with students today across the nation participating in March for Our Lives.”

H.R. 5 would:

    Create unnecessary and burdensome reporting requirements on schools,

    Threaten to withhold funding for critical child nutrition programs from schools that refuse to comply, diverting essential resources and personnel away from meeting families’ real needs, and

    Open the door to dictate what students can and cannot read or learn.

House Democrats are hard at work to support America’s students, parents and teachers. In the past two years, they have delivered critical funding for schools through:

    The American Rescue Plan which delivered $130 billion for K-12 education to safely reopen schools, tackle learning loss and support our students.

    The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, which provide over $2.35 billion to expand vital school mental health services and improve learning environments.

    The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, which created a permanent nationwide Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) program that will provide nutritious food to nearly 30 million schoolchildren in the summer months