Top Binghamton University students break bread for the holiday

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November 20, 2017

The Binghamton University Scholars Program is a selective, four-year honors tract for students of exceptional merit. Several years ago, these students created Scholars Thanksgiving, a special dinner encouraging comradery and a chance to connect prior to the autumn break.

All Scholars, the top two percent of incoming students at Binghamton University, are required to live in Newing dormitories (Broome and Endicott) during their freshmen year. These students develop strong connections and many decide to remain in the Scholars Learning Community as upperclassmen.

Benefits include housing priority in the freshman year, priority registration for classes, small classes that are limited to Binghamton University Scholars and meet General Education requirements, and project-centered courses with opportunities to work closely with faculty members. 

In the early years when the program began, the scholars cooked Thanksgiving dinner in the dorm kitchens. As the program grew, now with nearly 450 scholars included, new cooking accommodations were needed. 

Binghamton University Dining Services (BUDS) volunteered to open its kitchens and expertise to Scholars Thanksgiving. BUDS provides the Thanksgiving recipes and the students cook and clean alongside BUDS staff, learning how to work in a professional kitchen.

"Scholars Thanksgiving is always one of the Scholars events that I look forward to the most," said Samantha Palladino, Binghamton University School of Management '19, public relations coordinator for Binghamton University Scholars Council. "Since the Scholars Program is filled with so many diverse students, it is heartwarming to see us all come together to celebrate and share in our special, tight-knit community. It is also really nice to see all of my peers work together to create a meal with the BUDS staff, I think the students value the BUDS staff so much more after being able to temporarily walk in their shoes and see how essential they are to campus life."

Katherine Bouman, assistant director, Binghamton University Scholars Program said, "Preparing a meal for more than two hundred people is an incredible task.  It's great to see our students working with BUDS staff. It's really wonderful to see everyone come together as a part of the Scholars Family to produce this large-scale event and celebrate our sense of community."

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