Town Of Simsbury: Volunteers Wanted – Board Of Assessment Appeals

Government and Politics

December 1, 2022

From: Town Of Simsbury

The Town of Simsbury is seeking volunteers to serve as an alternate member of the Board of Assessment Appeals. The Board serves as an appeal body for taxpayers who believe that the town assessor erred in the valuation of their property or erroneously denied them exemption. The Board hears property assessment appeals from homeowners, commercial property owners, owners of business personal property, and motor vehicle owners. The Board typically meets three to four times in March or April each year to hear property assessment appeals and once in September to hear appeals of motor vehicle assessments only. Due to the 2022 town wide revaluation, the number of meetings for spring of 2023 is anticipated to be greater than that of a non-revaluation year.  Alternate members of the Board of Assessment Appeals are appointed for each member of the Board.  When seated, an alternate member has all the powers and duties of a member.

Interested individuals should visit https://simsburyctboards.vt-s.net/ and click on “New Volunteer Form” to submit an application.  Volunteers are strongly encouraged to apply by Friday, January 6, 2023.

Please note: Applicants for the Board of Assessment Appeals will not be able to select this option from the list of boards; please indicate your selection in the narrative section of the application.