Trump Abandons Arizona... Again

Government and Politics

May 21, 2024

Third Time President Trump Cancels Trip to Key Swing State

ARIZONA - On May 21st, the Trump campaign confirmed Donald Trump has canceled his visit to Arizona, marking the third time he has done so in the two years since he was last here. When Trump ditched Arizona two months ago, Copper Courier reported the Trump campaign was choosing between state visits because of increasing financial strain due to Trump’s legal suits.

“If Trumps wants to stay out of Arizona– by all means, be our guest,” said Arizona Democratic Party Chairwoman Yolanda Bejarano. “Every day there are new federal trials and scandals for Trump and his MAGA extremists to clean up. Meanwhile, Democrats have been hard at work, launching canvasses and engaging voters across the state. Trump is showing Arizonans how little he cares to earn their vote and that’s why Arizona voters will reject him in November.”

In stark contrast, President Biden has visited the state 3 times, talking about the issues that matter most to our voters– creating jobs, protecting abortion access, lowering the cost of healthcare.

On May 21st, also marks the beginning of fake elector trails in Arizona, after 18 Trump-loyalists- 11 of them local Republican extremists- were indicted for allegedly engaging in a conspiracy to prevent “the lawful transfer of the presidency of the United States, keeping President Donald J. Trump in office against the will of Arizona voters, and depriving Arizona voters of their right to vote and have their votes counted.”

Arizona Democrats are prepared to fight for Arizonans rights up and down the ballot. To learn more about key initiatives, how to vote or how to support Democrats this election cycle, please visit azdem.org.