Trump's Campaign is a Sinking Ship with No On-the-Ground Infrastructure

Government and Politics

June 15, 2024

LANSING - On June 15, 2024, while Trump’s boat parade cruises around Detroit, Michigan Democrats are highlighting exactly how little ground Trump’s campaign has made with Michigan voters. While Michigan Democrats have opened 32 field offices and have over 100 staff on the ground, the Trump campaign still seems to be fishing for offices and can’t quite get their sea legs.

With every extremist position Trump takes, it gets clearer and clearer that his policies simply don’t hold water with Michiganders. He didn’t deliver for Michiganders in his first term, and this time around, he is too busy facing nearly 90 felony charges to even pick a First Mate, sorry, Vice President. He has made it crystal clear that helping Michiganders is not his priority, but thankfully, the Biden campaign has continued to deliver for our state again and again.

“We’ve always known that Trump is barely anchored in reality, and his extremist antics coupled with his total lack of tangible campaign infrastructure shows that he has never really cared about listening to Michiganders. As always, he is all flash and no substance,” said Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Lavora Barnes.

Bottom line: if Trump keeps failing to invest in Michigan, his campaign will be in deep, deep ship.