Trump's Hogan Endorsement Leads News Across Maryland

Government and Politics

June 14, 2024


Marylanders are seeing wall-to-wall coverage on Donald Trump’s endorsement of Republican Larry Hogan. Hogan, who was personally recruited by Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and promises to caucus with Republicans, would turn control of the U.S. Senate over to a Trump-beholden GOP so they can pass an extreme agenda.

Here’s what Marylanders are seeing:

Baltimore Sun: Trump Pulls for Hogan in Senate Contest [FRONT PAGE]

  • “I think he has a good chance to win,” the Republican Trump told Fox News in an interview posted on the network’s website. “I would like to see him win.”
  • Trump is hoping a Hogan victory could secure Republican control of the Senate, now narrowly held by Democrats. The former president was on Capitol Hill on Thursday seeking to solidify his party’s backing.

The Baltimore Banner: Trump backs Republican nominee Larry Hogan in Maryland’s US Senate race

  • Hogan is now aligned with the former president, who is deeply unpopular in Maryland. In a recent poll, 61% of Marylanders said they disapprove of Trump, with 38% offering approval in a survey from Gonzales Research & Media Services.
  • Both Democrats and Republicans are paying close attention to Maryland’s Senate race this year, as it’s one of a handful of states that could determine control of the chamber.

WBAL: Former President Donald Trump supports Larry Hogan in Maryland US Senate race

  • Trump told Fox he seeks Republicans to flip the Senate majority.

WJZ News’ Vic Carter: “Control of the Senate could well hinge on the outcome in Maryland, and reproductive rights.

WJLA’s Tom Roussey: “Trump basically endorsed Hogan.”

WDCW’s Tosin Fakile: “Trump’s endorsement of former Maryland governor Larry Hogan is symbolic of Trump’s visit to Capitol Hill today. It seems Trump is trying to display unity in the Republican Party.”

WRDE’s Charlie Sokaitis: “After meeting with Republicans in Washington, DC, on Thursday, former President Donald Trump did something unexpected: he endorsed former Maryland Governor and current Senate candidate Larry Hogan, saying on Fox News quote ‘I’d like to see him win,’ adding quote ‘I think he has a good chance to win.’”

WTTG’s Jim Lokay: “Former President Donald Trump was back on Capitol Hill today to meet with Republican Party leadership. It was his endorsement, though, of former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan for Maryland’s open Senate seat that’s getting a lot of attention.”

WBAL’s Jason Newton: “It appears Senate control will trump any hard feelings from the former president.”

CNN’s Kaitlyn Collins: “[Trump] said he’s endorsing [Hogan], that he does want him to win and that could be one, a shocking move from Trump, but two, a cold political calculus because you want the Senate to be in Republican hands.”

Associated Press: Trump endorses former Maryland governor Larry Hogan’s Senate bid

  • The Maryland race could determine control of the Senate, a point Trump noted in the interview.
  • “I would like to see him win, and we got to take the majority. We have to straighten out our country, so I’d like to see him win,” Trump said.

The Hill: Trump backs Larry Hogan in Maryland Senate race

  • Former President Trump has thrown his support behind Republican Larry Hogan in Maryland’s Senate race.
  • “We gotta take the majority. We have to straighten out our country. So I’d like to see him win. He’s somebody that can win … I know other people made some strong statements, but I can just say from my standpoint, I’m about the party and I’m about the country,” Trump told reporter Aishah Hasnie.

CNN: Trump says he ‘would like to see’ Larry Hogan win Senate race in Maryland

  • Former President Donald Trump said he “would like to see” Maryland Senate candidate Larry Hogan win his election in November.