Two Students 'jumped' on Saturday morning right on the very campus they are supposed to feel safe on!!

Schools and Libraries

November 12, 2014

A male and female student were walking across campus early Saturday morning when they were suddenly jumped by 3 females and 3 males.  The male student was incapacitated firat by 2 of the males, (after getting one defensive move thrown) leaving only the female to defend herself. The female (highly trained in defensive art) was able to fight off the rest and call for help.  The local hospitol took pictures of the victims and the 'campus police' were left 6 messages.  When the police meeting finally took place on Sunday the student victims were made to feel like the perpetrators of the violent attack.

I would like the community to be aware that there are a group of kids out there that feel they are 'above the law,' and the Adams State Campus Police need to take a more powerful stance against 'gang violence, by prosecuting these individuals to the full extent of the law.  I ask that the Alamosa Police Department 'backup and help Adams State Campus Police with this investigation so that it does not happen to anyone else's kids.

Thank You,

Anonymous and Concerned