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October 4, 2016

Personal Planner
401(k) Retirement Plans
The 401(k) is rapidly becoming the most popular qualified retirement plan. More than 90% of large companies now offer a 401(k). With a 401(k), each employee has an
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Savvy Living
How and When to Apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits
What is the easiest way to apply for my Social Security retirement benefits and how far in advance do I need to apply before I start collecting?
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Your Plan
Sale and Unitrust
Gene and Carol purchased stock in a small medical service company several years ago. Now, Gene and Carol are looking for a way to save taxes.
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Washington News
Olympic Awards Tax Free
With a September 29 voice vote, the Senate passed the USA Olympians and Paralympians Act (H.R. 5946). The bill has been sent to President Obama, who is expected to sign it next week.
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