Unix Gallery Houston Group Show

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September 12, 2015

UNIX Gallery presents @4411 MONTROSE, featuring new and unique paintings, from Engels, Alfredo Scaroina, John Messinger, Ingrid Dee Madison, Marcello Lo Giudice, Ellen de Meijer, Pino Manos, Desire Obtain Cherish, KwangHo Shin, Eugenio Merino, and Peter Anton.

Dominican-born Alfredo Scaroina fabricates expressive, abstract experimental works that unveil a universal understanding into the subconscious.  Scaroina's use of signs, symbols, and psychologically aesthetic dialogues invites the viewer to explore his personal experiences focusing on aspects of urbanism and unequivocal modernism.  The materials used become suitable remedies to the unique approach of finding natural and synthetic truth. A language is formed that transcends physical and cultural borders.

Art is a natural process for Haitian-born, Brooklyn-based abstract artist Engels. He can create with anything, as evidenced by the "misuse" of canvas, stretcher bars, paint, and staples staples can function as paint, for example. Engels builds with wood, paper, photography, and layers of paint, questioning the elemental notions of what is painting. Leaving his stretchers bare and crumpling, shredding, or tearing up canvas is only part of what give Engels' works a life of their own.

Ellen de Meijer paints a unique contrast of tension and pathos. Her portraits show figures of successful repute, yet vulnerable with an empty gaze. They are armed with digital devices, which refer to our zeitgeist of access to nformation and power. This proliferation of technology becomes a point of dependency while human instincts docilely move to the background. Often they brandish small, bizarre objects or wear gloves symbolic of a societal obsession with sterilization and unattainable perfection. "Our human instincts have not changed, despite that our...modern society often expects us to ignore these. It's this tension that inspires my work," says de Meijer.

Pino Manos, working with Augustine Bonalumi and Lucio Fontana, Manos expanded his body of work, adhering to the movement of Spatialism. In 1980 he founded in Milan "The Creative" for the socialization of Art and the development of creativity as a therapeutic element. This endeavor furthers his expression of manipulating the canvas and making it just as much an emotional expression of the work as a vehicle for his painting.

KwangHo Shin captures the complex relationship between the expression of emotion and the experience of the mind. With roots in Abstract Expressionism, he employs intense and vibrant oils juxtaposed with charcoal to distort the facial features of his subjects and confront them psychologically. The artist deliberately refuses the depiction of precise form and proportion in an effort to transcend conventional representation and in turn confronts a more visceral type of portraiture. Faces are deconstructed but retain the power of expression as the artist reimagines them in a patchwork of carefully yet energetically applied strokes of color. Shin's paintings convey the inner psychological processes of his subjects but also remind the viewer of the artist's presence.

Artist John Messinger's photographic tapestries examine the proliferation and ubiquity of photography in the digital age.  His process of taking instant photographs directly from stills on new and outdated technology manifests by combining the hundreds of varying images to transform them into a single visual experience.  His work fuses indexical and abstract imagery to question the notion of photography, photographer, and subject.  Directly inspired by the notions of singularity and time, Messinger creates something entirely brand new out of the obsolete.

Date: Sept 11 - Oct 12, 2015

Time: Tuesday - Saturday: 10:30am - 5:30pm

Location: UNIX Gallery, 4411 Montrose Blvd. Suite C, Houston, TX 77006

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