Van Drew Campaign Exposes Democrats Sham Debate at Oakcrest: "This had to be a joke!"

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September 19, 2022

Van Drew Campaign Exposes Democrats Sham Debate at Oakcrest: "This had to be a joke!"

September 19, 2022 — United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew’s campaign manager Ron Filan released the following statement blasting the Atlantic County League of Women Voters sham “Debate” scheduled to take place tomorrow night at Oakcrest High School. 

“Let’s be clear, this allegedly ‘non-partisan’ debate was organized by an active member of our opponents campaign team who is all over social media recruiting Democrat volunteers, soliciting contributions for his campaign, and organizing protests at our campaign events all while spewing vile hate-filled rhetoric equating Republicans with terrorists. It was intentionally scheduled during a voting session of the United States House of Representatives knowing full well that Congressman Van Drew would be unable to attend. In fact, when our campaign first saw their press release announcing the debate – even though Congressman Van Drew and no Atlantic County Republicans were able to participate – we assumed this had to be a joke. It really is sad to see how Atlantic County Democrat operatives have hijacked a once well respected organization like the League of Women Voters and absolutely destroyed it’s credibility and even more disappointing that they would allow taxpayer funded resources to be used for what has always been a purely partisan political charade.”

As was the case in 2020, Congressman Van Drew will debate the Democrat nominee at the annual Stockton / Press of AC Debate which will be on October 19th this year.