Vet, 92, on coping with a civilian life

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November 16, 2016

Aaron Mendoza, 92, who lives at Parkway Place senior living community has unique military experience to share because he served our county in two branches of the military - the Navy during World War II and the Air Force Reserves during the Korean War. Not only was he drafted to the Navy out of high school, but he was stationed in Hawaii across the island from Pearl Harbor. He was drafted to the Navy after the Pearl Harbor attacks and felt honored to serve his country during this time of need. As the 75th anniversary of this attack approaches on December 7th, Mendoza openly shares his experience on the front lines of the war, assembling, testing and maintaining torpedoes for aircrafts during World War II.


During the Korean War, Mendoza worked at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, based stateside, and his squadron was one of the first to be recalled. There, Mendoza worked in logistics as planes were launched to fight in the war.


Mendoza is a native Houstonian, and after his military experience, he went to work for General Precision selling military computers, then worked for Control Data where he sold NASA their Skylab database for mission control.


As a senior, Mendoza continues to share his military stories and experiences with fellow residents at Parkway Place, but also with younger generations. Annually, he visits West Briar Middle School, across the street from the senior living community, to speak to students about his experience and life in the military. Before the lunch, he and other veteran residents went to West Briar Middle School to share stories with the students as they're honored for Veterans Day.