Virtual Salon Brings Beauty to Denver’s Doorstep

Business and Professional

October 27, 2020

Vayn, an app providing users an in-home salon experience, is set to launch services in the Denver area on November 1. With a network of over 100 highly regarded professionals in the beauty industry, the Vayn app gives users on-demand hair and beauty treatments in the comfort of their own home. 

The first app of its kind, Vayn offers a variety of services including men and women's haircuts, blowouts, makeovers, facials, beard and mustache trim, and more. As businesses across the U.S. attempt to minimize in-person interactions and shift services online, Vayn’s personalized business model helps limit the spread of COVID-19 as clients solely come in contact with their stylist, rather than several salon-goers and stylists in a traditional salon.  

To ensure the well-being of stylists and users, Vayn implemented safety precautions including strict sterilization protocol before and after each appointment and a mask mandate. To further protect clients from COVID-19, app users can even choose to have their service done outdoors as they have complete flexibility with the appointment. 

No stranger to the beauty industry, Vayn CEO and founder Tonia Scalzotto saw an opportunity for an app connecting users with beauticians and stylists while working on a salon suite concept.

“As I was building the salon concept, I noticed one of the biggest issues stylists were facing was finding enough clients,” Scalzotto said. “I knew at that point there was a huge opportunity to help stylists who want to become independent in a way that would give them a bigger financial opportunity and more flexibility in how and where they work.”

Not only does Vayn take out the pressure of going to a salon and provide users convenient services at competitive prices, but it allows stylists to work independently without overhead or startup costs. Whether they are working full-time at a salon, own their salon, or are just getting started, Vayn gives stylists the flexibility of working part-time, full-time, or anytime they want. Stylists can set a schedule with times, days, and areas that work with their calendar, or they can turn on the Vayn instabook and automatically book jobs that day.

“Convenience is one of our top priorities,” Scalzotto continued. “Through connecting beauty professionals with clients, we not only allow stylists to work around their own schedule, but we provide a luxury service from the most highly regarded professionals in the industry at affordable rates on demand for clients. Users can take comfort knowing our team consists of the best of the best, and they too can experience Vayn services in three easy steps: downloading the app, selecting a service, and picking a time that fits their schedule.”