VITCHELO Clears the Air Simply, Affordably With 100% Natural, Non-toxic Deodorizing Charcoal Bags

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March 25, 2016

Houston, TX -- VITCHELO® has earned its customers' appreciation by solving real problems. Most recently, the company's product designers asked the question, "What's the most effective, sustainable and affordable way to deal with problem odors?" Their answer was to use the power of charcoal to pull moisture and odors out of the air a natural solution that fits the company's philosophy beautifully. These new charcoal air purifying bags are available in packs of four today on Amazon, with free shipping when customers order two or more packs.

"Everyone has encountered the problem of stale, foul air, sometimes without an obvious cause," explains Gui Laurent Verrier, Marketing Director. "VITCHELO®'s new, all-natural air purifying bamboo charcoal bags work to remove any odor in any room of the house. Even pet odors are no match for the effectiveness of charcoal."

Too often, people rely on a plethora of sprays, powders, plug-in devices, candles and similar products to address odors in their homes and cars. These products have numerous drawbacks. While sometimes individually cheap, disposable odor control products must be continually replenished. Air fresheners of this type can eventually become a decent fraction of one's shopping budget. More importantly, nearly all of these solutions rely on chemicals to overwhelm airborne odors chemicals to which many people are sensitive or allergic. Furthermore, ecologically conscious consumers may simply not want to spray unpronounceable compounds into their living spaces.

Yet another problem with sprays and related products is they don't actually eliminate odors they simple cover them up with a stronger smell. More recently, effective technological air purification methods have hit the market, but these are generally expensive to buy, noisy and add to the monthly electric bill. Some require regular filter changes or other maintenance. Plus, air purifier devices often take up lots of space, especially when the cubic area to clean is large.

VITCHELO® has cleverly addressed all of the above issues by turning to a simple and time-honored solution to the problem of odors charcoal. Contained in each stitched linen bag is about 3 ounces of bamboo charcoal. Bags can be safely placed anywhere, from closets to cars. Each bag can freshen 90 square feet of air, the size of a typical closet. Their reusability, though, is what gives VITCHELO® charcoal bags their tremendous value. Unlike disposable products, charcoal bags can be refreshed by laying them in full sun for about an hour every month.

VITCHELO® continues to deliver excellence to consumers in the form of not only great products, but also superior customer service. Live support is available 24/7/365, and all products come with a lifetime warranty. VITCHELO® extends a 100% money back guarantee on every sale, and returns are always hassle free.


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