Wesley Hunt Weekly Newsletter - September 26, 2022

Government and Politics

September 27, 2022


Can you believe that Early Voting is in less than 1 month? If you don't know where to vote yet, please visit our website here! Wesley is counting on your support to take back our country.

Wesley Hunt | Saving American Energy Episode 3

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Episode 3 of Saving American Energy has just dropped! Be sure to tune in as Wesley tours Crestwood Midstream in New Mexico! Watch the full episode here. #SavingAmericanEnergy

Wesley Hunt | Punchbowl News

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Wesley Hunt joined Punchbowl News on stage, with Morgan Luttrell and Monica De la Cruz, to share his conservative vision for the future. Together, we can take back our country this November from the disastrous Biden Administration.

Wesley Hunt | Black Business Round Table

Wesley attended a Black Business Roundtable, alongside Alexandra Mealer, to have a conversation about how the Republican party is the best party suited to help minority and low-income communities. Low taxes and low government regulation help everybody.

Tuesday Morning Breakfast with Wesley Hunt

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On Tuesday morning, Wesley Hunt had the privilege of being the keynote speaker for the attendees of Memorial Drive United Methodist Church.

Wesley Hunt attends Phillips 66 Candidate Fair

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Wesley was honored to attend the Candidate Fair hosted by Phillips 66 this past week. He was honored to speak with the patriotic men and women who work tirelessly to keep our country's lights on!